The Dangers Of Poor Quality Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Poor Quality Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Poor-quality Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors are being offered on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, with apparently no meaningful response from either Amazon or eBay on how they are going to resolve such dangerous, life-threatening devices being available on their marketplaces. In this article, I’m going to look at how you can avoid buying cheap, poor …


DIY Safety Equipment Everyone Should Own

DIY safety equipment

Unfortunately, DIY safety equipment is low on the list of most people’s priorities prior to carrying out any sort of DIY work around their home. Thankfully, you’re one of the smart ones, because the very fact you’re on this page means DIY safety is a priority for you, and you want to give yourself the …


16 Simple Ways To Improve Home Safety For Kids

home safety tips children

Here’s 16 ways to improve home safety for kids. Whether your child is a baby, toddler or of school age, there’s a multitude of improvements you can make around your home to make it just that little bit safer for them. There’s a handy table of contents below, with different tips for different ages, click …


Bleeding A Radiator: UK Guide

Bleeding a radiator uk

As the pleasant warmth of summer gradually gives way to the cooler temperatures of autumn, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the winter months. One essential aspect of winter preparation is ensuring that your radiators are in top-notch condition to keep you and your family warm and comfortable. After being …


What Is A Jackhammer Used For?

what is a jackhammer used for

What is a jackhammer used for? Jackhammers are popular home DIY devices that cut or break up hard or solid materials. They’re one of the most common types of mechanical drills and impact drills. The word “jackhammer” is used for many different types of devices, so read through to learn about their potential uses and …


Jackhammer Safety – Home DIY Tips

how to use a jackhammer safely

A jackhammer, also known as a pneumatic drill, demolition hammer, or concrete breaker is a powerful tool used for breaking concrete, asphalt, and other hard materials. While it can be a useful tool for construction and demolition work at home, it’s important to know how to use it safely to avoid injury or damage to …


How To Test Drinking Water: 2 Quick Ways

test drinking water uk test tap water

If you’re looking to test drinking water and test tap water in your home (UK), there’s a couple of quick ways to do this without the need for professional help or needing specialist laboratories. Testing your tap water is important, especially if you don’t feel like the quality of your drinking water is up to …


Is UK Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Is UK Tap Water safe to drink

Is UK tap water safe to drink? Yes, UK tap water is safe to drink. UK water quality is heavily regulated to ensure water is fit for human consumption, straight from your tap at home. The UK has some of the best quality tap water in the world, yet there are multiple reasons why it’s …


Tap Water Filter (UK Top 3 DIY)

tap water filter uk

A tap water filter will ensure your tap water tastes great and is free from contaminants, using a DIY filter that you can install yourself in under 10 minutes. Tap water filters are relatively cheap and simple to install compared to 10 years ago, and more and more households choose to install a water filter …


Are Electric Scooters Legal In The UK?

Are electric scooters legal in the UK

During a visit to Liverpool recently, and on seeing numerous electric scooters, my wife asked me: are electric scooters legal in the UK? She didn’t think these scooters were legal, and she was right – sort of. In this article, I will look at electric scooters and the law in detail, and will answer the …