Can I Get A Free Smoke Detector From The Fire Service?

free smoke detector from the fire service

As well as operating under a reactive capacity (for example, if there’s a fire, you dial 999 and the fire service will attend to put the fire out), most fire services also have a pro active branch to their work – which usually means you can get a free fire safety check and a free …


Can I Use A Smoke Detector In The Kitchen?

should i use a smoke detector in the kitchen uk

Using a smoke detector in the kitchen is not recommended due to the heat, steam and smoke a kitchen will produce whilst cooking. Instead, a heat detector should be installed in the kitchen area. Installing a smoke detector in the kitchen area will produce multiple false alarms, and you’ll experience these alarms mainly when you’re …


Best Wireless Linked Smoke Alarms 2024 (UK Top 3)

best wireless linked smoke alarms

Our top 3 best wireless linked smoke alarms and detectors list will show you the very best interlinked smoke alarms you can buy for your home in 2024. Wireless linked smoke alarms and detectors are the safest and easiest type of smoke detector you can buy for your home in 2024. Without any question, linked …


Do I Need A Fire Extinguisher In My House?

fire extinguisher for your house

People often wonder, do I need a fire extinguisher in my home? Or are they just reserved for businesses and places where the the general public may be in danger should a fire break out? A fire extinguisher in your home has the potential to be an important part of your home fire safety plan. …


Best Wireless InterLinked Smoke & Heat Alarm For Scotland

Best Wireless InterLinked Smoke & Heat Alarm For Scotland

In this article, we show you the best wireless interlinked smoke & heat alarm for Scotland, which complies with all Scottish regulation and costing less than the estimated £220 cost. Recent changes in Scottish law means that all homes in Scotland require a set of interlinked smoke and heat detectors installed by February 2022. A …


Linked Smoke Detectors – Why You MUST Use Them

linked smoke detectors

Linked smoke detectors are a type of smoke detector that is remotely linked to other smoke detectors in a house. If one smoke alarm is activated in the kitchen and sounds the alarm, all other smoke detectors in the house will also alarm simultaneously. If you haven’t got linked smoke detectors or fire alarm system …


Best Smoke Detectors For Home Use (UK Top 3)

best smoke detectors for home use UK smoke alarm

Smoke detectors are one of the most important safety devices in homes around the world. A smoke detector will alert you almost immediately when smoke is detected, giving you the best possible chance of escaping a potential house fire alive. In this article we’ll look at the best smoke detectors for home use, and look …


Best Heat Detectors For Kitchens (UK Top 3)

heat detector for kitchens

Heat detectors for kitchens are still somewhat of a rarity in UK kitchens. And it’s mainly because people don’t realise that heat detectors for kitchens are recommended over a normal smoke alarm. In this article, we’ll go through why a heat detector for a kitchen is a better option than using a smoke detector, we’ll …


Extension Lead Safety: Avoiding Disaster

Extension lead safety uk

In our modern lives, electrical devices have become indispensable. From smartphones to refrigerators, we rely on these gadgets and appliances to keep our homes running smoothly. However, with the increasing number of devices we use, the demand for electrical outlets often outstrips the supply, especially in older properties. To address this issue, extension leads have …


Do Smoke Alarms Detect Carbon Monoxide?

do smoke alarms detect carbon monoxide uk

Do smoke alarms detect carbon monoxide? No, a smoke alarm will not detect carbon monoxide and will not alert you if there is a build up of carbon monoxide in your home, unless it’s a combination smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. A smoke alarm or smoke detector is designed and manufactured to detect smoke …