Best Wireless InterLinked Smoke & Heat Alarm For Scotland

In this article, we show you the best wireless interlinked smoke & heat alarm for Scotland, which complies with all Scottish regulation and costing less than the estimated £220 cost.

Recent changes in Scottish law means that all homes in Scotland require a set of interlinked smoke and heat detectors installed by February 2022. A specific type of carbon monoxide detector is also required.

For many, this deadline has passed, mainly due to availability of products and the affordability aspect.

In this article, we’ll show you the best wireless interlinked smoke and heat alarm for Scotland, as well as looking at the regulation surrounding carbon monoxide detectors.

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Best Wireless InterLinked Smoke & Heat Alarm For Scotland

Here’s the Best Wireless InterLinked Smoke & Heat Alarm For Scotland that complies with all Scottish laws and meets and European standards. It just happens that it also one of the cheapest linked smoke detector and heat detector bundles on the market.

SAFE TECH Wireless Interlinked Smoke Heat Alarm Detector, Smoke Alarm Combination with 10 Years Battery, CE EN14604/AS3786 ROSH Listed
  • Applied Standard: EN 14604:2005/AC2008; Approved by: TÜV Rheinland
  • [Combination]: 3xpc Interlinked Smoke Alarm + 1xpc Interlinked Heat Alarm, (Remote Control available to purchase separately)

This is now back in stock. Unfortunately this has been highly sought after so ther is no guarantee of availability. (Please check the current status by visiting the Amazon page here).

Safe-Tech Linked Heat/Smoke Detector

The Safe-tech Linked fire alarm system is designed to be installed by the homeowner.

It is best wireless interlinked smoke and heat alarm for Scotland and for complying with Scottish Law.

You won’t need an electrician, or an expensive system to comply with the new laws.

To install, you’ll need:

  • A drill
  • A stepladder or safe method to reach the ceiling
  • Estimated time: 30 minutes to install

The bundle comes with:

  • 1x heat linked detector (for your kitchen)
  • 3x linked smoke alarms (for the main living space, hallway and upstairs landing)
  • Fixing screws and plates

For the average 3 bedroom property, this bundle will satisfy the new law as seen here on the Scottish Government website, without spending anywhere close to the £220 average price that the media has been throwing about.

Whether Amazon has availability of this product and can keep up with demand remains to be seen (Check Amazon here for latest availability on this product).

Carbon Monoxide Detector (Also Law)

Scottish law also states that homeowners need a carbon monoxide detector in their home.

This is needed in EVERY room where a carbon fuelled appliance is present – like a boiler or fire – but does not have to be linked to a heat or smoke detector.

Do remember to check the fine print when it comes to the law on carbon monoxide alarms.

The regulation specifically states that the carbon monoxide detector MUST BE:

  • Sealed tamper proof units and have long-life lithium batteries

This means that carbon monoxide alarms that have replaceable battery compartments do not comply with this regulation.

This Fireangel carbon monoxide detector and alarm ticks all boxes, and complies with Scottish Law:

Fireangel FA3322 Digital CO Alarm with 10 Year Sealed For Life Battery & Optical Smoke Alarm with 10 Year Sealed For Life Battery, FA6620-R, White
  • Product 1: Rigorously tested in-house and third party approved and certified to Kitemark standards
  • Product 1: The digital display screen will provide visual alerts to CO and temperature and humidity levels with written instructions and guidance to protect you and your family

Why Interlinked Smoke Alarms Are The Best

We’ve covered why installing interlinked alarms in your home is the safest and best solution for fire safety in this article here, and we’ve shown you the best wireless interlinked smoke & heat alarm for Scotland, but we’ll reiterate again here.

A standard smoke or heat alarm will sound the alarm when smoke is detected. If that alarm is in the kitchen, and you are asleep upstairs, it may take some time for you to wake up and respond.

wireless interlinked smoke alarms scotland

Fire can take hold and produce toxic smoke and fumes in a matter of seconds, so every second matters.

With an interlinked smoke and heat alarm system, and running the same scenario as above, detection of heat in the kitchen will sound the alarm on that detector, but also on every other linked detector in the house.

Those few seconds could literally mean the difference between life and death for you and your family.

Where Do I Install My Smoke Detectors & Heat Detectors?

The Scottish government have been very specific about where homes in Scotland should place their linked smoke and heat alarms.

Smoke and heat detectors should be placed:

  • On the ceiling only (smoke and heat rises).
  • 1 x heat detector in the kitchen.
  • 1x smoke detector in the main living space (or living room)
  • 1x smoke detector in the hallway
  • 1x smoke detector on the landing

These placement areas make total sense.

The kitchen and living area speak for themselves, but the most important ones by far are the detectors on escape routes – usually hallways and landings. You’ll want to be alerted almost immediately if fire breaks out in these area’s, as usually, this is the ony safe means of escape.

Remember though, although the Scottish Government have made this law, I believe the law and what it states is absolute minimum cover you’d want in your home.

Personally, I have additional detectors in the spare bedroom (which is now an office, with computers, printers in etc), and one right above my consumer unit (RCD).

This was a personal decision for me based on my experience and risk assessment. The point I am making here, is that you can of course go above and beyond. Just because it’s law that you need 3x smoke detectors and 1x heat detector, doesn’t mean you can’t have more.

This level of protection is what I call bare minimum protection.

If you want, and depending on your own risk assessment (and size of your home), you could buy an extra bundle of the Safe-Tech detectors and place the additional detector heads around your home as you see fit. And of course you could link them on the loop too, and it’s another reason why I regard the Safe-Tech bundle the Best Wireless InterLinked Smoke & Heat Alarm For Scotland.

Wireless Interlinked Smoke Alarms Scotland – Scottish Law

Whether you agree or disagree with this law on wireless interlinked smoke alarms in Scotland, the material facts are simple; interlinked fire protection in homes saves lives.

best linked smoke detector and heat detector Scottish law
best cheap smoke detector linked heat detectors scottish law

An alarm sounding in the kitchen on its own whilst you are asleep may not wake you up immediately. An interlinked alarm system, where the activation of one alarm causes all alarms to sound, will wake you up immediately.

Seconds count in a fire, and as always, on hearing a fire alarm in your home, the official advice is get out, stay out, and dial 999.

Here is the official law from the Gov.Scot website:

best wireless interlinked smoke & heat alarm for Scotland

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Here are all the links and sources we have used in this article.

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About Our Recommendation

This article, titled the “best wireless interlinked smoke & heat alarm for Scotland”, is a solution to the new Scottish law that came into effect in February 2022.

This is not a review of the product, because we have never actually seen the product in person (This is due to us living in England where different laws apply, and due to the pre order status of the product at the current time of writing).

What I can say is this has all the proper and relevant certification. It has the European Norm (European Standard) certificate in place for both the ability and function of the smoke detector element and heat detector element (EN14604/AS3786), which is a very good sign).

In laymans terms than, this product has been manufacturerd to a specific standard, and that standard has been tested by impartial testing houses to confirm it complies with European standards.

Bascially meaning, it works as advertised.

And it conforms to every part of the Scottish law, which you can read about here.

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