75 Ways To Improve Home Security – The Ultimate Guide

75 ways to improve home security

In this article, we look at ways to improve home security for your home or property. The following 75 ways to improve home security are split up into different sections (mainly internal security and external security). Some of these security measures are free and easy to do, whilst others may cost money for the security …


Do You Need A Home CCTV System?

Do you need a home cctv system

Home CCTV systems have never been cheaper to buy or easier to install. But do you really need a home CCTV system? In this article, I’ll have a look at some pros and cons of installing a home CCTV system in order to deter and detect criminals and opportunist thieves committing criminal acts in and …


EV Charger Security – Secure Your Home Charger

EV charger security

EV charger security is a subject that will only grow and grow over the next few years – with more and more electric vehicles on the roads, and more people with home chargers, security of electric vehicle chargepoints could become an issue. In this article I’ll look at Home EV charger security, what the security …


Narrow Boat Security – 10 Easy Improvements

Narrow boat security tips

Narrow boat security is no different to home security. After all, you live on your narrowboat, so why wouldn’t you want it to be as secure as a house? In this article I’ll look at narrow boat security, how you can improve the security of your narrow boat, and what products you will need to …


Layered Security At Home – The Basics

Layered security

Layered security is an approach to security where multiple security elements are implemented on top of each other to strengthen the overall security of an asset like a home. The purpose of layered security is to strengthen overall security, providing backup functions and ensuring that there is no one single point of failure or vulnerability. …


Average Police 999 Response Time: UK Stats

average police 999 response time uk

The average police response time in 2022 to a grade 1 emergency is 16.5 minutes. A grade 1 response is graded for the most serious crimes where a police officer will be disptached urgently, with lights and sirens being permitted in order to get to the scene in the fastest possible time. Unfortunately, over the …


Business Safe – Should My Business Have A Safe?

business safe

If you are a business owner, and you are not sure if you should buy a business safe, then the simplest way of deciding is to look at some of the benefits that having a safe can bring. Having a safe for your business premises is an extra layer of security, and is a place …


GUIDE: Which Home Safe Should You Buy?

which home safe safes for home use

So you’ve come to the decision that you want to buy a safe for your home, but exactly which home safe should you buy? Should you buy a small safe, a big safe, a heavy safe, a fireproof safe, a waterproof safe, an EN1143 graded safe? Like the old saying goes, you wouldn’t crack a …


A Short History Of Safes (From 13BC)

history of safes a short history

One of the earliest known records in the history of safes comes from 13BC, where the first safe was constructed using a wooden structure with some simple pins that dropped into holes that would keep the contents secure. While it can’t be compared to modern day safes, it’s interesting to know that such a product …


Where Should I Install A Home Security Safe?

install a home security safe best places uk

If you’re thinking about buying a home security safe, it’s worth planning and preparing for where you will install a home security safe. For the majority of people, you can install a home security safe yourself without too much hassle or drama; most home safes come with everything you need to install your safe on …