3 Of The Best Dummy CCTV Cameras For Home

The best dummy CCTV cameras to buy are always the ones that look exactly like a real camera, and have no giveaway or tell tale signs that they are fake.

The fake CCTV cameras in this article are all relatively cheap (as oppossed to real cameras), and extremely easy to install – all you’ll need is a set of ladders and a drill with a masonary drill peiece.

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Best Dummy CCTV – 3 Of The Best

We’ve chosen these as our top 3 best dummy CCTV camera’s based on a number of factors, namely cost, looks, not being too bulky, not being too small and quality.

We’ve also got an article here on whether the use of dummy camera’s is worth it (Hint: yes!).

Here’s our pick of the best dummy CCTV cameras you can buy for your home.

1. JZK 2 Pack With Flashing Light (RECOMMENDED)

This is a great product, at a great price.

And in our opinion, the best dummy CCTV camera system money can buy.

Oh, and you get two for the price of one – perfect for one at the front of your house, and another strategically placed at the side or rear of your house.

JZK 2 Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera With LED Blinking Real imitation for Home Security, White
1,331 Reviews
JZK 2 Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera With LED Blinking Real imitation for Home Security, White
  • Mix dummy cameras and real cameras to increase your security
  • For indoor and outdoor use, no wiring required

This is a simple camera setup with a base plate that you can screw to an external wall, and then simply clip the unit onto the baseplate.

It needs 2x AA batteries for the flashing red light which flashed every 3 seconds, however this is optional – if you don’t want the flashing light this feature can be turned off.

They also look highly realistic – and you’d be hard pushed to tell if they were real or fake, which is obviously a great plus in deterring crime, break ins and burglaries.

2. TIMESETL 2 Pack Dummy Camera Waterproof + Signs

I’m not a fan of these types of ‘bullet’ camera’s – they are better off in a shop or business premises in our opinion because it’s just far too ‘in your face’.

But if you don’t mind this design (as oppossed to the dome like shape above), then I have good news.

Because we like this fake CCTV setup a lot.

There’s a lot of detail in these camera’s (you get 2), even coming with a wire that connects the main body of the camera to its mount, giving the firm impression that this camera is real.

TIMESETL 2Pack Dummy Camera Waterproof Bullet Shape Black Fake Security Camera with Red Flashing LED + Yellow CCTV Signs, Wireless Wall Mount Plugs + Screws
  • [Rain Proof Shell] ABS plastic fake camera with removable rain proof shell, great for outdoor or indoor all seasons, 170*125*81mm bullet shape
  • [LED Blinking Light & Crime Prevent] Imitation IR LED light flashes every 2 second, real lookinig fake security camera, perfect to scare theives and crime prevent

You can rotate this camera 360 degrees, thanks to its rotating bracket – simply loosen off the plastic screw, spin it to the desired direction, and re-tighten the screw. Handily, this can be done in situ too, giving you the best directional covergae possible.

Again, this comes with a red flashing light if you install batteries, but we recommend that you don’t – the red flashing light just looks like you’ve tried a bit too hard, and makes it more dummy like than if you have the light off.  There really is no need.

This setup also comes with 2 x yellow CCTV signs (ideal for sticking in the corners of front windows or doors), batteries (bonus) and comes with everything you need to attach to a wall or fascias.

If you’re a fan of this type of bullet camera, then this is the one to get.

3. Dynamic CCTV Surveillance Dome Dummy Camera (Solar)

Number 3 on the list of best dummy CCTV cameras is this nifty little device.

It’s a conventional looking camera, but comes with a bracket that gives it a nice professional, real look to it. It even borders on looking quite elegant, if you can describe a dummy camera in that way!

JUSTOP Dummy CCTV Camera Outdoor/Indoor Waterproof With Reality LED Light Solar Or Battery Powered – Silver
  • Bullet Dummy Surveillance Security CCTV Camera, Solar Powered (optional power source: 2x AA batteries)
  • Professional design, deters Theft, Robbery, Vandalism without the High Cost of Real CCTV Security Camera and DVR

Again, this comes with a blinking red light – charged by solar if you install rechargeable batteries, and again, we just don’t recommend you take advantage of this feature.

It also comes with a yellow CCTV sign, and all the fixtures you need to mount it on a wall.

Great little unit at a great price.

Where Should I Install A Dummy CCTV Camera?

It sounds obvious, but the best place for a dummy CCTV camera is somewhere that it can be seen from the roadside.

Remember – you want people – criminals especially, to see it.

best dummy CCTV for home use UK

Ideally, it wants to be at least 8ft high – or as a minimum, an equal distance between your ground floor window and your first floor window.

If you can install it higher up, even better, as naturally the higher it is, the better views it is perceived to get from anyone surveying your home.

Also, if you have a home parcel delivery box near your front door, it makes sense to install it nearer the parcel box so it acts as a deterrent for anyone considering chancing their arm and seeing if they can steal any of your packages or parcels.

The best places to install your dummy CCTV then, is:

  • Visible from the roadside
  • At least 8ft from ground level
  • A height of between your ground floor window and first floor window
  • Or above your first floor window, under the guttering.
  • Near parcel delivery boxes

What Should I Do After Installing My Fake CCTV Cameras?

Next thing you should do is go ahead and advertise the fact that you have CCTV protecting your property via signage.

Signage is yet another layer of psychological deterrence, and links in quite nicely with your dummy camera.

These signs don’t have to be overly intrusive – in fact, the more discreet, the better – you don’t want loads of signs plastered all over your home, fences, gardens and walls which will make it look more like a prison camp than a home.

I recommend the signs in this article here.

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Questions & Comments

As always, I welcome questions and comments – simply use the box below to submit your comment.

Maybe you’ve got a dummy CCTV installed already – if so what have the results been like? What’s your opinion on using fake vs real cameras? What do you think about this article on the best dummy CCTV camera’s to buy.

Let me know below!

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  1. thanks for the idea, i really really didnt want the fuss of setting up a real camera, and have just orderd the jzk 2 pack, one for the front of my house and one for the rear.

    • Great stuff Jim.

      These are great deterrents as I’ve stated, and at such a reasonable price, you’re adding another layer of perceived security to your home, whether it’s a real camera or a fake one.


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