Best Garage Bike Lock (Thieves Hate These!)

best garage bike lock

The best garage bike lock is a lock that is anchored to a wall or the floor. This type of garage bike lock adds another layer of high-quality security on top of the security your garage or shed already provides. If you have an expensive bike that you store in your garage, spending another £30 …


Best Security Window Film (Easy Install)

security window film

Security window film (sometimes called privacy film) is an effective way of blocking someone from looking through a window from the outside, whilst maintaining visibility when looking from inside out. Security window film is cheap, easy to install yourself, and is often an overlooked security measure in and around homes across the UK. In this …


25 Simple Ways To Improve Garage Security

improve garage security secure garage

If you’re looking to improve garage security and make your garage harder to break into, then these 25 simple tips will improve the security of your garage and make it less likely that a criminal will break in. There’s no magic wand when it comes to the security of anything these days. If someone wants …


3 Simple Garage Door Home Security Tips

garage door home security

Garage door home security is usually one of the most neglected parts of home security. Yet, 1 in 4 homeowners have experienced a garage or shed getting broken into. And it’s really easy to see why – garage door home security is usually neglected, and way down the pecking order of importance when it comes …


Garage Safe For Tools – 3 Of The Best

If you have a garage and you keep expensive tools or equipment in it, then buying a garage safe has probably crossed your mind on more than one occassion. In this article, we look at at exactly what a garage safe is, what it’s used for, the benefits of having a garage safe and take …


Car Security: Parking In Public Security Advice

improve car security uk

During my time as a police officer, one of the most common crimes that I attended was theft from vehicles. 30 years ago, theft of a vehicle was much more common place. But with improved car security, locking systems, tracking and a better equipped polcie national database and ANPR cameras, it’s actually really difficult to …