Best Security Window Film (Easy Install)

Security window film (sometimes called privacy film) is an effective way of blocking someone from looking through a window from the outside, whilst maintaining visibility when looking from inside out. Security window film is cheap, easy to install yourself, and is often an overlooked security measure in and around homes across the UK.

In this article, I’m going to look at security window film, where the best places are to install such film, and how to install it. I’ll also look at the pros and cons of installing window privacy film, and where you can buy it cheaply in the UK.

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What Is Security Window Film?

Security window film is a film that you apply to glass in windows and doors. You apply this on the inside of the window or door. Once applied, the film allows you to see through the glass from the inside, but stops anyone who is outside, from looking inside.

This has a massive impact on home security, garage security and shed security, because it stops people from looking inside, and potentially scoping out bikes, tools and other equipment you may store in these areas.

Of course, ‘security film’ also doubles up as privacy film, and can be useful in other areas of your home too.

Best Security Window Film

Here’s the best security window film you can buy in the UK at the moment.

rabbitgoo One Way Window Film Privacy, Reflective Window Film Anti Glare, Mirror Window Film Heat Reduce, Window Tint Film UV Blocking, Window Sticker Adhesive for Home, Office, Silver, 44.5x200cm
12,686 Reviews
rabbitgoo One Way Window Film Privacy, Reflective Window Film Anti Glare, Mirror Window Film Heat Reduce, Window Tint Film UV Blocking, Window Sticker Adhesive for Home, Office, Silver, 44.5x200cm
  • Heat Control & Energy Saving: Our reflective window film is designed with a mirror effect outside which can reflect some of the heat back, reduce the amount of heat transmitted through your window glass, an instant and economical way to reduce glare and give you and your family a more comfortable indoor space

The Rabbitgoo window film is a cost effective way of improving security and privacy.

Coming with 12 different size variations suitable for an abundance of window and door sizes, it also comes with 2 different colours for the reflective side – black or silver.

This window film is relatively easy to install yourself, but for bigger windows, it’s always better to have someone helping you (holding one side of the film), otherwise it does get a bit tricky.

Overall, this security window film is fully recommended and is ideal for sheds, garages and other windows where you want to improve security and privacy.


  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Provides additional UV protection.
  • Provides additional infra red rays protection.
  • Provides reduced glare in direct sunlight.
  • Cheap and affordable solution.


  • No night time protection. if you have lights on inside, and someone looks in from outside, they will be able to see through.
  • Can be a bit tricky to install if it is a larger window.

You can buy this product at here: Rabbitgoo Security Film

Where Can I Install Window Film?

You can install window film as a security measure anywhere you see fit.

Window film can be installed on any glass, as long as it is ‘flat’ glass and not the frosted, bumpy variety.

The most common places security window film is installed is:

  • Garage windows
  • Shed windows
  • Garage doors that contain glass
  • Shed doors that contain glass
  • Back doors
  • Porch doors
  • Front doors with a window

Of course, window film overlaps two concerns; security and privacy.

When it comes to increasing privacy, whilst maintaining the ability to see out of a window, then privacy film is usually installed in the following locations:

  • Windows that are overlooked by neighbours, flats, or commercial proerty for example
  • Windows that border a public footpath or road
  • Windows that overlook busy areas, such as in towns and city centres

How To Install Privacy Film

It’s easy and quick to install your own security window film on windows and doors.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to install it:

security window film privacy screen

Method 1

  1. Clean and wipe down the glass where the film is going to be installed. Ensure glass is dry, free from condensation and is clear of cobwebs of dust.
  2. Test run – roll out the film (it will be supplied on a tube), and hold the film over the piece of glass it is intended to ceover.
  3. Trim the film using scissors, to make it more manageable – it should still cover the frame after it has been cut.
  4. Peel the back off the sticky portion, and press the film onto the glass starting from the top and working to the bottom.
  5. Ensure any bubbles or creases have been smoothed out.
  6. Use a stanley knife to cut away any excess that hangs over frames.

Method 2

  1. Measure the window where the the film is to be installed.
  2. Cut the window film down to the sizes from the window.
  3. Apply gently and carefully, using a soft cloth to squeeze out any bubbles or creases.
Installation Note
Disclaimer: I’ve used both methods as above, and I found the first method a little easier. One wrong cut or measurement on methid 2, and you’ll have potentially cut it too short. There are also other methods of applying this security film, and some manufacturers like the rabbitgoo above, will recommend using their method and their own installation kit.


Security window film is an excellent deterrent in places like sheds and garages. Ensuring a potential thief can’t see what’s in your garage or shed will make it somewhat more unlikely that they will attempt to break in.

Of course, there’s no guarantee of this, but it’s certainly better than having a window on a garage that when looked into, shows a couple of bikes and power tools on show.

In such a case, you can almost guarantee they’ll attempt to break in, if they are that far and that close that they are looking through a window.

Of course, there’s more to home security than just covering a piece of glass with security film.

Home security should be multiple layers of security, both physical security and security that acts as a deterrent. I strongly urge you to check out 75 ways to improve home security, for an abundance of ideas that will allow you to improve your home security arrangement substantially.

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