Best Child Safety Locks For Windows (UK Top 3)

Child safety locks for windows are an essential purchase when you have children in your home. So in this article, I will look at the best child safety locks for windows for UK homes.

I’ll also go through why it’s important to have child safety locks installed on windows, which windows you should install them on, and how to install them. And even though we are talking about safety here, these safety locks also come with some additional security benefits that you may not have thought about (be sure to read: additonal security benefits towards the bottom of the page).

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What Is A Window Restrictor Or Child Safety Lock

A window restrictor or child safety lock on a window prevents the window from opening to it’s maximum design limit, instead, limiting the window to only being able to be opened by a few inches.

best window restrictor child safety uk

Safety locks or restrictors come in kits, and are added onto the frame of your window to ensure children cannot open them all the way out, therefore eliminating the risk of them opening a window fully, and potentially falling out.

Window restrictors or safety locks are a DIY product that you can easily and quickly install yourself.

Why Safety locks Are Important (Scary Statistics)

Did you know, that 4,000 children under the age of 15 years fall out of a window in the United Kingdom every year?

And did you know, on average, 10 of those children end up losing their life?

Nope, nor did I.

That’s according to RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

It’s a scary statistic, but it’s also a frustrating statistic – because these numbers could be zero with the help of window restrictors or window safety locks.

Children, especially pre-school children can rarely see risk or consequence. We, as parents or as guardians, see it and constantly analyse it with every step they take and in in every activity they do.

Children however, only ever see adventure, fun, and exploration. And that is exactly what an open window represents to them.

And that’s why it’s important that you protect your child with window restrictors of saftey locks, in the same way you protect them from dangers in the kitchen, or from falling down the stairs.

Below, I’m going to give you the top 3 best child safety window locks that you can install on your windows as early as tomorrow, with minimal fuss, for maximum safety.

Best Child Safety Locks For Windows

For convenience, I’ve listed the the best child safety locks for windows in the table below, as well as a brief outline of key features. I’ll go through each product in detail further on down the page, as well as looking at the pros and cons of each.




  • Super design

  • Grey or white options

  • Screw or adhesive mounting

  • Child safe clip lock & unlock

  • 2 pack

  • Good value for money

  • Screw or adhesive mounting

  • Secured with key and lock

  • 8 pack

  • Good value for money

  • Screw mounting only

  • Secured with a key and lock

1. BeeGo Window Restrictor Child Safety Window Lock

This particular child safety window lock is the hands down winner in this category.

And it’s really easy to see why.

The BeeGo has an ingenious design, and a ridiculously simple installation method. Add the fact that these restrictors are also priced at a low price point, then it’s easy to see why this is the hands down winner.

Let me explain more.

The BeeGo comes in two parts; one goes onto the frame of the window next to the window that opens, and one goes onto the frame of the window that opens. To install these two parts, simply remove the backing of the adhesive and stick into place.

So no drilling required, no tools required.

The beauty of this particular safety lock is that the arm can be unclipped from the base at any time (by an adult using a two button combination press to release the arm), meaning that if you did want the window fully extended (when your children were at school for example), you could do so.

To reattach and use the restrictor again, simply insert the arm into the base, where it clips into place, and you now have a fully functioning window restrictor that will stop a child from opening the window more than a few inches.


  •  Easy to fit

  • Cheap and cost effective

  • Easy to install DIY

  • White to match white UPVC

  • Allows full opening

So in essence: easy to install, and easy for an adult to configure the use of it to suit everyone’s needs. It also comes with two colour choices – white or grey.

This video here, on the left side of the page, shows the BeeGo window restrictor in action, and will give you a good idea on just how simple it is to install and operate.

But hold on – wait. these safety locks are stuck on with adhesive? Won’t a child’s weight simply break these off if they push hard enough?

The answer to that is no. The adhesive used on the pads on this product is 3M VHB – meaning that it can withstand a weight of up to 30kg.

If you did want to go down the drill and screw route though, you can – there are holes on this product that will allow you to screw the BeeGo into place.

Overall, this is an excellent child safety lock for your home windows, which will prevent any unwanted accidents, no matter how adventurous your child is.

You can check the price or purchase this at by clicking here: BeeGo Window Restrictor (

2. Aosite Window Locks

In a respectable 2nd place, is the Aosite offering.

This window lock comes in a 2 pack, and offers better value than the BeeGo above – essentially, you’re get two for the price of one.

It works, is very effective, and is simple to install. However, it’s not as easy to operate as the BeeGo, because you need a key in order to unlock the safety lock completely.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it just introduces a couple of pain points which some could potentially find annoying, like where do you put the key, will you remember where you put the key, and some potential hassle when needing to have the window opened completely. Personally, I wouldn’t have a probelm, as I have these on my front and back doors, and you just get used to it.

That being said, it’s very easy to operate – it has two parts (or bases), one connected to the frame, and one connected to the frame of the window you want to secure. From one of the bases, is a strong stainless steel wire that fits across from one base and locks into the other base. To secure the safety lock, simply open the lock with the key and attach the metal head into the base, turn the key and it’s locked in place.

And to open, do it in reverse.

As for installation, this product also comes with strong adhesive pads enabling quick and easy installation (and will withstand 25kg of weight), but also comes with screws if needed.

2nd Place

  •  2 pack

  • Cheap and cost effective

  • Easy to install DIY

  • Many use cases

  • Key used for opening

Another good thing about this window lock is the fact that it’s not ‘just’ a window lock – there are many other use cases for this, including medicine storage cabinets, fridges, or doors that you simply don’t want your child wandering through.

Make no mistake about this, this is a very capable window restrictor at half the price of the winner in number one position above, however, the ingenious design of the BeeGo is not present in the Aosite offering, and some may find it slightly annoying.

You can check the price or purchase this at by clicking here: Aosite 2 Pack (

3. Homegen Window Safety Locks

In third place are child safety locks for windows made by Homegen.

This a more of a budget offering, which comes with eight window restrictors for use on eight seperate windows.

Installation is also not as easy as ripping off an adhesive peel sticker and sticking it to a frame – this product needs to be screwed into the window frame, so some minor DIY work will need to be done to install this product.

That being said, you get eight restrictors for a very good price. These window restrictors work in a similar fashion to the ones in second position; two bases, with a metal wire and lock connecting the two together.

3rd Place

  •  8 pack

  • Good value for money

  • Screw in only

  • Can be used on doors

  • Key used for opening

Again, it brings some pain points to using the product, namely locking and unlocking with a key, remembering to lock them, and storing the key safely. As these are screwed in, some consideration is needed to ensure that the key is easily finadable in case of emergency situations, like a fire for example.

Pain points aside, these safety locks are strong, durable and robust, and provide the added benefit of added security for your windows when they are locked in the open position, simply due to the fact they are screwed in.

Using the safety lock is simply a case of unlocking the lock, and allowing the metal wire to hang freely, which gives you the freedom to open your window to the full extent when you need to. To use the safety lock, simply insert the metal wire head into the other base, and then lock it. Once locked, it gives between 11-16cm of opening for your window, allowing fresh air to get in, but protecting children from falling out.

Overall, this is a good child safety lock if you prefer your safety locks to be securely screwed in, and one purchase will probably cover all the windows you need for maximum safety.

You can check the price or purchase this at by clicking here: Homegen Window Restrictors (

Additional Security Benefits

Yes, window restrictors or child safety locks for windows also come with additional, hidden security benefits.

Because they also double up as security devices, which will stop any would be criminal opening a window wide enough to climb through.

Now, with enough force, a criminal would probably be able to yank a window restrictor off (especially if they were attached using adhesive pads).

window restrictors for children

However, someone attempting to open a partially opened window with a view to climbing in and committing a burglary is often deemed an ‘opportunist’.

And these opportunists want the easy life – they want to open a window, climb in, steal, and then exit with minimal fuss.

They don’t want to pull a window only to find the window only partially opens. The likelihood is they will see some sort of device from stopping the window being fully opened, and the likelihood is they will try and remove the device by pushing or pulling it – however, this is going to take time, and if they choose to use brute force, this is going to create sound and a disturbance.

And they don’t like that.

So while it’s not a security device per se, these safety locks do have some benefits where security is concerned, and the deterrent and denial properties they offer could well mean the difference between them getting into your home or simply just walking off defeated, which is good news indeed.

Additional Window Safety Tips

Of course, a window safety lock or window restrictor takes much of the risk away of a fall from a window.

But there are other things you can do to ensure the risk of your child flling out of a window is drastically reduced, such as:

  • Removing any furniture that may provide a climbing aid away from windows.
  • Ensuring there is adequate supervision for children when near to open windows.
  • Keeping windows locked when closed.
  • Reaffirming the dangers of falling out of windows to your child at every opportunity.

I am a parent too. And I know just how hard it can be to follow the above above advice 100% of the time. As our children grow older, we naturally allow them to take more responsibility, and we allow them more freedoms.

But as we all know, more freedom equals more risk, and that’s why a window restrictor or child safety lock is an important piece of safety equipment that should be present in every home where small children are present.


The bottom line is this: child safety locks for windows are cheap, easy to install and will prevent your child falling out of a window and injuring themselves, or worse.

I thouroughly recommend the use of these window locks, especially when you have young children in your home.

It is literally the difference between them falling out of a window, or staying safe.

For convenience, here is the the top 3 table again, for the best child safety locks for windows in the UK.




  • Super design

  • Grey or white options

  • Screw or adhesive mounting

  • Child safe clip lock & unlock

  • 2 pack

  • Good value for money

  • Screw or adhesive mounting

  • Secured with key and lock

  • 8 pack

  • Good value for money

  • Screw mounting only

  • Secured with a key and lock

Don’t let your child become another statistic along with the other 4,000 children who suffer the terrifying ordeal of falling at height, from a window.

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