Best Stair Gate With No Screws (UK Top 3)

A baby stair gate with no screws is an easy, quick and practical solution to ensuring small children cannot access stairs and potentially fall and hurt themselves. In this article, I’ll look at the best stair gates with no screws, meaning no drilling, no holes and no damage to interior walls and plaster work.

Sadly, an average of 40 under 5’s fall down stairs every week in the UK, according to CAPT. Some of those suffer serious injuires. What is even more sad, is that the majority of these injuries could be prevented by using a stair gate.

So that’s why it’s extremely important to install a stair gate at the bottom of your stairs to prevent them climbing up the stairs and falling down in the early years of your child’s development.

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Stair Gate No Screws Required! (UK Top 3 Table)

Below is a quick look table at the Top 3 best stair gates that don’t require screws or any DIY equipment to install.

Below the table, I’ll go through each stair gate individually, looking at the pros and cons for each, as well as talking about some other considerations when using a stair gate with no screws.




  • top/bottom of stairways, doorways

  • 75cm-101cm variations

  • Pressure mounted

  • Lift & pull childproof handle

  • Attractive pricing

  • 75cm-101cm variations 

  • Pressure mounted

  • One hand opening childproof

  • Bottom of stairs, doorways only

  • 76cm-117cm

  • Pressure mounted

  • One handed opening childproof 

What I will say, is that these three stair gates are fiercely competitive and there’s not really a lot in them. All are excellent stair gates to help protect your child from falls and trips on staircases in your home.

1. (WINNER!) Hauck Baby Gate Pressure Mounted Gate

The overall winner of the best stair gate with no screws required is the Hauck Pressure mounted baby stair gate.

BEST FOR: Top of the stairs, bottom of the stairs, doorways.

This baby stair gate is suitable for both top and bottom of the stairs, as well as doorways. It comes in 3 size options, of 75cm-80cm, 84cm-89cm and 96cm-101cm, which will suit most stairs in an average home with an average staircase. It stands at 77cm tall, which is great for all babies and most toddlers up to the age of around 3 years old.

Installation is very simple, with 4 pressure points controlled by tightening or loosening the locking screws in the frame (seen in the image below in all four corners of the frame).

It also features a one handed opening and closing latch, that is easily opened with one hand by adults, using a lift and pull motion to unlatch the gate. The gate itself alos opens both ways, which is extremely handy especioally if you are carrying items or even carrying your child.

Contruction feels strong and sturdy, and it’s made entirely out of metal, with the whole unit weighing a little over 4kg.

The pressure points on this baby stair gate are padded round pads, which will prevent walls getting damaged and requires no drilling. However, if you want to go a step further, extra wall protection is available by using the Wall Nanny System, with gives greater protection for walls and skirting boards.

This is an excellent baby stair gate, at an affordable price, and is the winner of the best UK stair gates with no screws for the stairs.

You can buy this no screw baby stair gate at here: Hauck Baby Gate Pressure Mounted

Also see: Hauck Baby Stair Gate with Y-Spindles For Railings

2. Munchkin Baby Stair Gate

The Munchkin Stair Gate with no screws required is in 2nd place.

BEST FOR: Top of the stairs, bottom of the stairs, doorways.

This comes in slightly more expensive than the winner above, but does come in more variation size wise, with 5 different size variations going from 76cm to 117cm through the use of extensions.

Once again, this is a solid baby stair gate with no screws required to install it. It’s a twist the locking screw until it’s tight against the wall type of fitting, with a childproof opening and closing latch that can be opened with ease by an adult with one hand.

This handle is squeeze and lift, which is different to the one above but just as easy. The gate also benefits from opening either side.


This is another excellent choice of no screw baby gate for stairs or doorways, at a decent price, with lots of size variation, and additional extensions you can buy to ensure it fits even in the widest door frame or stairway.

You can buy this no screw baby gate at here: Munchkin Stair Gate Pressure Mounted

3. Lindam Stairgate No Screws Pressure Gate

In 3rd place in the best stair gate with no screws required is the Lindam Baby Stair Gate.

BEST FOR: Bottom of stairs and doorways.

It comes in 3rd place mainly because it is not recommended to be used at the top of the stairs, but otherwise this an excellent stair gate which boasts quality, cost, ease of installation, excellent entry/exit system and the availability of extra accessories that allow you to protect walls and skirting boards even further, and to attach to columns or pilasters that are common on stairs.

First up then, is quality and cost. This baby stair gate is made of steel, and feels well made and sturdy. Install it correctly, and it’s not going to come loose and potentially fall on you or your child.

The construction and operation of the latch (on top) is very good. It allows one handed opening that is easy for an adult carrying items or a child for instance, but will defeat any attempt of a child trying to operate it.

Installation like the 2 above is easy as setting the frame in the position you want, and then winding out the locking screws until it pushes afgainst the two surfaces you want it to attach to.

There’s also extra accessories available for this, like Y-sindles for attaching to railings or columns, and extensions to allow the baby gate to fit in wide doorframes or staircases.

And the opening of the gate is perhaps the widest of the ones in the top 3 list, owing to the design of the frame.

However, for those wanting a stair gate at the top of the stairs, this isn’t suitable, as specified by the manufacturer, although this is still a great budget stair gate for the bottom of the stairs and doorways.

You can buy this no screw stair gate at here: Lindam Stair Gate No Screws

Where Should A Baby Gate Go?

Ideally, a baby gate should be placed in an area that stops the child from accessing potentially dangerous areas of your home.

Stairs are a dangerous place for babies and small children.

If you use your home traditionally (i.e upstairs for sleeping, downstairs for everything else), and your child does not use the upstairs area of your home, then you could probably get away with having a baby gate at the bottom of your stairs.

In some homes, it is prudent to use a baby gate at the entrance to their room, ensuring if they wake up, they cannot get out of their room and access the stairs or bathroom areas.

However, for safety, I would always recommend a baby gate at the bottom of your stairs and the top of your stairs, but ultimately the choice is yours based on how your home is used.

How To Measure Correctly For A Stair Gate

Before ordering, make sure you have measured correctly between where the gate will go near the floor (which will possibly be skirting to skirting) and the top, (which will possibly be wall to wall), and make sure both measurements are within the required range of the option you choose.

If not, you’ll have to either order extensions for the baby gate, or return the item.

How To Patch Up A Damaged Plastered Wall Quickly

I’ve used baby stair gates at the top and bottom of my stairs for a number of years.

My walls were plastered and painted. When removing the baby gate for the final time, I discovered that it had taken some of the paint off behind the pressure pads, and it needed touching up with some paint to make it as good as new again.

best stair gate no screws UK

On the bottom of my stairs, I used the Nanny Guards. This prevented a lot of the paint rubbing, because the pressure from the pressure pads was dispersed over a slightly larger area. All it required was a gentle rub down with a cloth and some warm water to get rid of some small scuff marks (probably from the installation).

With the stair gate at the top of the stairs (with no Nanny Guards) I had to touch up the paintwork with some paint I had luckily kept to one side.

Worst case scenario is that it has flaked or slightly damaged the plaster below. This is a relatively quick and inexpensive job to put right though, and all you will need is some Pollyfilla and a smoothing tool (like a wallpaper scrapper).

If you are using a no screw baby gate on wallpapered walls, there is likely to be some evidence of the baby gate pressure pads on the wallpaper, especially if the wallpaper is thick or has a raised pattern. This is an educated guess that this will happen, and all I can do here is recommend the Nanny Wall Guards once again so the pressure and force is dispersed over a bigger area.

What will happen is you will find their are scuff marks where the pads have been in situ for however many months or years your baby gate has been installed.

Why You Should Use A Stair Gate In Your Home

Having small babies, toddlers and children in your home can be a challenging and often daunting experience, especially for new parents. There’s a lot to think about, like child safety in the kitchen, and generally making your home the safest it can possibly be by making some small changes.

best stair gate with no screws


Using a stair gate is important for several reasons, including:

  • Safety: Children are naturally curious and love to explore. However, stairs can be dangerous for young children who are still learning to balance and coordinate their movements. Falls down the stairs can lead to serious injuries, such as broken bones or head injuries. Using a stair gate can help to prevent these accidents by creating a physical barrier between your child and the stairs.
  • Peace of mind: You can’t can’t always watch your children every second of the day – it’s almost impossible. Using a stair gate helps provide you with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that they can’t access stairs unsupervised.
  • Developing independence: Once a child is able to climb stairs safely and with supervision, a stair gate with no screws can be removed quickly and with minimal fuss. If you find you’ve removed it too soon, it can be quickly put back in place.

Overall, using a stair gate is an important safety measure to protect young children from the dangers of stairs, while also providing peace of mind for you as a parent.


For convenience, here is the Top 3 best stair gate no screw required baby gates available in the UK right now.




  • top/bottom of stairways, doorways

  • 75cm-101cm variations

  • Pressure mounted

  • Lift & pull childproof handle

  • Attractive pricing

  • 75cm-101cm variations 

  • Pressure mounted

  • One hand opening childproof

  • Bottom of stairs, doorways only

  • 76cm-117cm

  • Pressure mounted

  • One handed opening childproof 

A stair gate with no screws required is an easy, quick and practical safety feature that will stop small babies and toddlers from entering stairway areas. It gives you peace of mind, as well as the ability to give your child freedom as they grow older and want to explore places like hallway areas.

All of the above baby gates are screw free, which means you don’t have to start getting the cordless drill out and drilling holes in wood, plaster or plastic, and offer a convenient solution over other ‘screw in baby gates on the market.

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