Best Garage Bike Lock (Thieves Hate These!)

The best garage bike lock is a lock that is anchored to a wall or the floor. This type of garage bike lock adds another layer of high quality security on top of the security your garage or shed already provides.

If you have an expensive bike that you store in your garage, spending another £30 or £40 on a quality bike lock for your garage is a no brainer.

In this article we will look at the best garage bike lock you can buy for your bike – a lock you use to secure your bike inside your garage or shed.

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Top 3 Best Garage Bike Locks (QUICKLOOK)

Before we go any further, lets look at the our Top 3 Best Garage Bike Locks.

Below this table, we will look at each garage bike lock individually and list the pros and cons of each one.





Anchor + Chain Lock


Burg Wachter


Oxford Anchor

What Is A Garage Bike Lock?

When we talk about the best garage bike lock, we are specifically referring to a bike lock that is anchored into either a wall or floor of a garage or shed.

Simply rolling your bike into your garage or shed and closing the garage door is not enough.

garage bike lock anchor

The anchor part is a permanent fixture that doesn’t move, meaning that any bar or chain lock that is used, secures the bike to the wall or floor.

This is a much more secure solution than simply placing a lock around the wheel and frame of a bike. It prevents a thief from simply lifting away a bike from inside a shed or garage, and then taking it to another location to remove the lock.

General Security

It should be pointed out that a garage bike lock is a great bit of extra security kit that will make stealing your bike that little bit harder.

But, don’t look at your bike in isolation – instead, look at your general security arrangements (read also: 75 top Tips To improve Home Security), and more specifically, our article on the best ways to improve the security of your garage. (Don’t worry, both of these articles will open in a new tab, so you won’t lose your place on this page).

We call all these measures the layered response to home security.

The security of your bike (and home, come to that) starts well before anyone has even got near your bike, as shown below.

garage bike lock Layered security approach

The more layers you have, the more of a deterrent it presents to a criminal, and the less likely it is they will even attempt to break into your home or your garage.

The less you have, the easier it is to break in and steal your bike.

This layered priciple can be applied to all aspects of home security.

Remember: a criminal will nearly always take the path of least resistance. This means a home equipped with lots of different security features layered one on top of the other is a path of strong resistance – a path they are less likely to take.

1. Steel Anchor + Chain Lock

The best garage bike lock for your bike is this heavyweight, steel anchor with thick set 1.8m chain lock.

Click image to see price –

This is the best garage bike lock to buy and is suitable for wall or floor anchoring, and the provided chain lock is a thick, heavy duty, anti theft lock that would put off even the most hardened criminal equipped with the biggest tools.

It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use (yes, it’s suitable for a motorbike as well), and is a solid choice when it comes to protecting your expensive bike from theft. You can check the full specification by clicking here (opens in a new window).

2. Burg Wachter (Sold Secure Rated)

Firstly, no, we haven’t spelt Watcher incorrectly – it’s the name of the lock – Burg Wachter.

Second, this is an extremely good wall or floor anchor for your bike or motorbike, not least because it comes rated by Sold Secure (an independent testing company for security products).

Click image to buy at

For a bike, this anchor gets a Diamond rating, and for a motorbike, it gets a Gold rating. Which means when the guys and girls at Sold Secure tried to defeat this security device, it offered huge resistance and was deemed to be an excellent security prevention device.

Of course, you’ll need a chain lock or D Lock to go with this.

3. Oxford Anchor

The Oxford anchor comes from a reputable company that was established in 1973, and well known for their bike products and accessories. This anchor can be fitted to either walls or floors.

Click image to buy at

Sold Secure have rated this as Silver, which means it has been attack tested and tested using a variety of common tools like wrenches and crowbars.

This is a solid anchor point for your bike, but you will need a D lock or Chain Lock.

Recommended Chain Lock For Anchor Points

For number 2 and number 3 in our list of best garage bike locks, you’ll need a suitable chain lock or D lock.

We recommend a chain lock because they are more flexible in the way you can secure your bike – with a D lock, it can sometimes be difficult to adjust so that it actually fits around the correct part of the bike (the frame).

Click image to buy at

This chain lock from Master Lock comes with a combination lock (no need for keys) and is made from hardened steel.

It’s 90cm long so will easily fit through your anchor and provide a robust and secure solution for your bike.

Additional Security Measures

There’s even more measures you can take to secure your garage and protect your bike if you really want to.

As well as buying the best garage bike lock (one from our list of 3 above), you can also look at your garage doors, windows and lighting.

Let’s start with your garage doors.

Garage Doors

This depends what sort of garage you have, and what sort of door you have.

Older, detatched garages, traditionally situated to the side/back of your property will probably have large, wooden swing doors.

A couple of additional locks on these doors will do – one at the top and one at the bottom.

This double set of hasps and padlocks will do the trick.

Click image to see it at

If you have an ‘up and over’ type of garage door, then you’ll know the corners of the door are prone to being bent back by a crowbar.

Click image to go to

These side locks will prevent this from happening, offering superb additional security measures for your garage door.

Garage Windows

If your garage has a window in it, then this can offer a criminal an easy way in.

We’ve got two counter measures here for you.

First, consider using double sided privacy film on your window. It can be easily cut to size using scissors, and will prevent anyone from seeing inside – whilst still allowing you to look through the winow from the inside.

Second, if you really want to secure your garage window, consider installing a window bar. A window bar will prevent someone clibing in through a window, lifting your bike and walking out of the front garage door.


If your garage is shrouded in darkness at night, go and install some motion detection lighting.

This type of lighting is cheap, quick and easy to install and has huge benefits in deterring criminals from lurking about under the cover of darkness.

Solar powered lighting is all you need, so no need for wiring or batteries. Simply secure using one screw above a garage door, and you have some great security lighting for your garage – with another 3 lights left over to install around other parts of your home.

This LED Solar Motion Detection 4 pack has 3 different lighting modes and lights up a huge area when motion is detected.

Click image to go to

Insure Your Bike

If you’ve got a general mountain bike, ride bike or specialist bike, make sure you tell your insurance company about it (and remember to keep your purchase receipt in a safe place).

If all of your security measures are defeated and the worst happens, at least your insurance will cover the cost of the bike – but it is advisable to tell them about it and even purchase additional premiums to cover it.

Take Photos Of Your Bike

Social media is an excellent tool for all manner of things, including putting the word out about stolen items.

In many cases, theives will try and sell on stolen property as quickly as possible, usually in the local area.

An image of your bike will be helpful on places like Facebook to warn people about buying it from anyone who may suddenly have it for sale, and can often lead to the retrieval of your property.

Take some pictures of your bike in your possession – you never know when they may come in handy.

Stamp Your Bike

Make it difficult for thieves to sell on your bike or for authoriies to identify stolen property by stamping your bike.

Some police forces still have this service available for free in your local area (just google your local police force), but if not, it’s easy to do yourself.

Your Links

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Here are all the product links mentioned in this article, including the best garage bike lock sitting at number 1 in our list below.

  1. (Best Garage Bike Lock) Anchor + 1.8m Lock Chain
  2. Burg Wachter ground or wall anchor
  3. Oxford Anchor for wall or floor
  4. Double set of hasps and padlocks for wooden garage doors
  5. Side locks for up and over garage doors
  6. Double sided mirror privacy film for garage windows
  7. Window security bars for garage windows
  8. Motion Detection Lighting for around the garage

Questions & Comments

We’d love to hear your questions and comments on the best garage bike lock – maybe you’ve got a bike lock that you use in your garage that you’d like to share here?

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