Best Parcel Delivery Box For Home (UK Top 3)

A growing trend in the UK is homeowners having a parcel delivery box for home near their front door. And it really should come as no surprise, with more and more people opting to have goods delivered to their door instead of going through the trauma and expense of going out to do their shopping.

Of course, the biggest problem with products bought online is the dreaded note through the door – which says ‘Sorry, we couldn’t deliever your item.’

Essentially meaning you were out, so your item got sent back to a sorting office or depot, and you’ll have to bring the card to the sorting office or depot to collect it. Which sort of defeats the object of buying online if you then have to drive somewhere to pick it up.

Luckily, one solution is to have an external parcel delivery box for home for the purpose of deliveries being delivered to the delivery box – even when you are not home. Having an external parcel box for parcels and packages or even a parcel box for porch areas means you can say goodbye to the dreaded ‘Sorry we missed you’ card, and damaged parcels that have been thrown over your garden gate.

parcel delivery box for home porch external uk

Below I’ll go through some of the best parcel delivery boxes and dropboxes you can buy, as well as a couple of other details you’ll need to ensure the delivery driver sees your parcel box, and some security precautions you’ll need to take to make your parcelbox safe and secure.

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Best Parcel Delivery Box For Home (UK Top 3 Table)

So what is the best parcel delivery box for home, that you can put outside your front door ready to receive parcels – even when you’re not home? For your convenience, here’s the top 3 table with the essential information. I’ll go through each parcel delivery box for home in detail below.




  • 2 colour choices (black or grey)

  • 'Dropbox' design

  • Key for lower door

  • Wall or floor mounted

  • 2 colour choices

  • Galvanised rust proof steel

  • 'Dropbox' design

  • Accepts Larger packages

  • Storage box

  • Budget alternative

  • Extremely cheap

  • Takes larger parcels

1. DWD Floor Parcelbox (WINNER!)

If you are looking for the best parcel delivery box for home, that looks trendy, is safe, and most importantly, is secure, then here’s your solution – it’s the DWD Parcelbox that can be attached to either the foor or wall.

If you’re old enough to remember deposit boxes, or drop boxes housed on the outside of a bank, where cheques and such could be deposited without going into the actual bank, then you’ll be familiar with how this home parcel delivery box works.

The postie or courier simply walks up to the box, lifts the top hatch up by the handle, places the parcel inside on the shelf or tray and then shuts the lid. When the lid shuts, the parcel or package automatically drops to the bottom of the box. If the postie or courier was to then lift the lid up, the parcel or package wouldn’t be there, and there would be no way to retrieve the parcel again.

The only way to retrieve the parcel is to use the key to open the collection door at the bottom of the parcel box.

For me, this is ingenious from a security standpoint because it means the parcels or packages are secure at the bottom of the parcelbox without the delivery driver having to lock anything or do anything out of the ordinary.

It also stops people opening your parcelbox and reaching down and trying to fish the packages out – indeed, the design of this parcel box means that anti-fishing protection is built in.



The maximum size parcel or package that will fit into the dropbox parcel tray is 32cm x 20cm x 12cm, so it won’t accept larger parcels, but will accept most small parcels and packages.

It protects your parcels and packages from getting wet (with its waterproof design)

For the price (which is extremely reasonable), and the secrity features you get with this parcelbox, means that the DWD parcelbox is our clear winner when it comes to looking for the best external parcel box for packages and parcels.

You can buy the DWD home parcel box from here: DWD Home Parcel Box

Recommended Additional Purchases: Self adhesive number stickers, to add your house number to the parcel box: Self Adhesive Numbers

2. iloveparcels Large parcel Delivery Box (Premium)

Number two on the list is the iloveparcels delivery box.

This is larger than the winner above, but the cost goes up considerably. However, this is a great parcel drop off box for your home, that is well designed, sturdy and very secure.

It comfortably accepts parcels and packages up to the maximum dimensions of 45cm x 32cm x 20cm, and is designed to sit on the floor near your door, or on a wall or fence (fixtures and fittings included).

The design itself looks modern and sleek, is made using rust resistant gal and it comes in two colour choices: black or grey.


This works very similar to the DWD offering, with a dropbox secure design – open, place parcel on tray, shut the lid and it drops the parcel to the secure collection area.

The lockable door at the bottom provides access to retrieve parcels when required.

Because of this type of home parcel box is one of the most secure designs currently on the market.

If your budget will stretch to this parcel box, then it comes thoroughly recommended.

You can check the latest price and buy this home delivery parcel box from here: iloveparcels delivery box

Recommended Additional Purchases: Self adhesive number stickers, to add your house number to the parcel box: Self Adhesive Numbers

3. Garden Box For Parcels (Budget Option)

Finally, the third on my list isn’t a parcel box per se. But it can be used as a parcel box, but lacks many of the security features that the iloveparcel box and the DWD parcel box has.

However, it is a great budget option – it’s the Keter City Storage Box.

Eseentially, this is a garden storage box, that ordinarily you’d put some light garden tools in like hand spades, hand brushes and spare plant pots in etc.

But it can also be used as a box where couriers can place deliveries in.

This will take large parcels, but bear in mind it has zero security features, because the lid simply opens and closes. This is definitely a delivery box you should only choose if you live in a good area.

And even if you do, I recommend installing a dummy CCTV camera next to the box if you do decide on this method.


I do recommend that you take additional measures to secure this product to the floor – for example, using a piece of wood on the inside floor of the box, and then screwing it to the ground. This will not only prevent people simply picking it up and walking off with it, but also prevent it blowing around because it is lightweight.

If you don’t want an all singing all dancing parcel deleivery box, or don’t have the budget for one, this is a great alternative.

You can check this product, the price and buy it here at Keter Storage Box

Recommended Additional Purchases: Self adhesive number stickers, to add your house number to the parcel box: Self Adhesive Numbers and a dummy CCTV dome camera

Advantages & Disadvantages Of An Outdoor Parcel Box

There’s a number of advantages for having a large external postbox or parcel box for your parcels and packages, the main ones being:

  • No more ‘sorry we missed you’ cards through your door – saving you a journey to the sorting office or depot.
  • No more parcels and packages thrown over your gate, getting wet and dirty.
  • No more parcels left with neighbours.
  • No more being disturbed if you are at home – especially important if you’re working from home.

Of course, there are some disadvantages too.

  • Potential for opportunist theives to attempt to steal your parcels.
  • Not suitable for people in flats, apartments or where their house doesn’t have a garden.
  • Delivery driver may still take your parcel to the depot if a signature is required.
  • Not suitabe for oversized or large parcels.

Don’t Forget This!

If you go ahead and buy a parcel box, don’t forget to update your delivery preferences on the sites you use.

On some sites you’ll be able to type in exactly where you want your parcel or package leaving, like stating ‘leave in secure parcel box near front door’.

IMPORTANT: Two more Things You Should Buy

There’s two additional items I think will benefit your parcel delivery box for home.

They improve seurity, and make it easier for delivery drivers to identify your parcel box. Both additional items make the world of difference and are extremely cheap.

CCTV: Fake Or Real

I recommend having at the very least, a fake CCTV camera near the parcel delivery box. This will add a deterrent not only for your delivery box, but for your home in general.

These fake CTV cameras are cheap and easy to install, like these JZK Easy install CCTV Domes here:

Of course, if budget allows, a real CCTV camera would be even better.

Numbers To Stick On The Delivery Box

But why? My house number is already on my door or wall?

Well, two reasons. First, it shows the delivery driver that this is a delivery drop off box. And second, it helps the delivery driver proving they have left the parcel at the correct address, because if you place the numbering correctly, they’ll be able to photograph the parcel in the box as well as the number on the box.

So I recommend adding some numbering to this parcelbox. A lot of couriers these days need to take photographic proof that they have delivered the parcel. If you add some numbers near to the lid, this will be perfect for couriers and will probably mean they are more likely to notice it and make use of it. Here’s some cheap numbers that you can stick on yourself: Reflective Parcelbox Numbering (Self Adhesive)


Having a parcel delivery box for home is a great solution for people who work from home, or are out at work during normal delivery times. If you have a porch, a parcel box for porch areas are also a great idea, especially if you can leave your porch door unlocked through the day and you also have a main front door that is locked.

A delivery parcel box will save you time, is convenient and will also make your delivery driver happy, because for some delivery drivers, they don’t get paid if the package isn’t delivered.

An external parcel box or parcel box for porch areas will keep your parcels and packages dry and safe, ready to access when convenient to you.

However, that being said, the area you live in will also be a factor in your purchasing decision. If you live in a particularly high crime area, then I wouldn’t recommend a parcel for home. But this is a decision you will need to weigh up.

As I’ve also said, a home parcel delivery box will not be suitable for some properties, especially flats, apartments and houses that have no front garden, path or driveway.

But overall, I recommend having a parcel delivery box for home to cut down on missed deliveries, parcels thrown over gates or left in rubbish bins. A parcel box gives great convenience and flexibility, and you’ll no longer have to worry or concern yourself about timing orders to get delivered when you are in.

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