How Long Does A Ring Doorbell Battery Last?

The battery life of a Ring wireless doorbell can vary depending on factors such as usage, settings, and environmental conditions.

In general, Ring advertises that the battery in their wireless doorbells can last anywhere from one to six months on a single charge. However, actual battery life may differ based on how frequently the doorbell is triggered, the number of motion events, and the temperature.

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How Long Does A Ring Doorbell Battery Last Until It Needs Recharging?

Looking at my Ring video doorbell, I get 8 activations per day on average. That includes motion detected and doorbell rings.

During autumn and winter, I need to remove my doorbell and recharge it roughly every 5-6 weeks.

During spring and summer, I need to remove my doorbell and recharge it roughly every 8-9 weeks.

I live in the North West of the UK, so temperatures can occasionally get down to minus numbers in winter, but on average it will be a few degrees above freezing.

If you are likely to have more activations than 8 per day, the time between charges is going to be shorter, and of course, less than 8 per day, the time between charges is going to be longer.

How Do You Know When It Needs Recharging?

You’ll get notified when your Ring doorbell is ready for a recharge, and this occurs well in advance of the doorbell losing charge completely.

The notifications are:

  • An email notifcation
  • A notification on your phone through the Ring app.

The emails look like this:

This is a really good feature, otherwise you’d be faced with periods of no doorbell or surveillance. What’s also good is the emails keep coming to remind you, so even if you miss an email, you’ll be reminded again and again, until the final email that will inform you that your ring doorbell battery is flat, and the device is now non-functional.

Ring Doorbell – Wired vs Wireless

There’s pros and cons to each type of Ring doorbell, which I set out below:

Wireless Ring Doorbell:


  1. Easy Installation: Wireless doorbells are generally easier to install since they don’t require wiring.
  2. Flexibility: You can place the wireless doorbell in various locations without being limited by existing wiring.


  1. Battery Dependency: Depending on the level of activity and settings, you may need to recharge or replace the battery every few months.
  2. Potential Downtime: When the battery runs out, you’ll need to take the doorbell down to charge it, which means there could be a period without surveillance.

Wired Ring Doorbell:


  1. Continuous Power: A wired doorbell is powered continuously, eliminating the need for battery replacements or recharging.
  2. Consistent Performance: Since it’s always connected to power, you won’t experience downtime due to a dead battery.


  1. Installation Challenges: Installing a wired doorbell may require expertise and potentially involve drilling and dealing with electrical wiring.
  2. Limited Placement: You’re constrained by the existing wiring, so the doorbell needs to be installed where the wiring is available.

Choosing between a wired and wireless Ring doorbell depends on your preferences, installation capabilities, and whether you prioritise easy installation and flexibility or continuous power and consistent performance.


In summary, a wireless Ring doorbell will have to be recharged regularly. But it’s a simple task, which comes with reminders so you don’t forget.

For me, the benefits of having a wireless ring doorbell far outweigh the task of taking it off my wall and recharging it every few weeks.

Because a Ring video doorbell is both convenient and acts as a deterrent against criminal acts.

Its convenience is unparalleled, due to the scope of such a simple piece of equipment.

Out and someone rings the doorbell? Speak to them on your smartphone app, no matter where you are in the world.

Postman rings, and you’re working from home? Speak to them through the app and tell them you’ll be at the door in one minute.

For convenience, it’s a gamechanger.

As far as security goes, it’s a fantastic deterrent, because it essentially acts like a motion-sensing CCTV camera, which then records and stores the footage on your phone or in the cloud.

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