Best Heat Detectors For Kitchens (UK Top 3)

Heat detectors for kitchens are still somewhat of a rarity in UK kitchens. And it’s mainly because people don’t realise that heat detectors for kitchens are recommended over a normal smoke alarm.

In this article, we’ll go through why a heat detector for a kitchen is a better option than using a smoke detector, we’ll look at some eye opening stats surrounding kitchen fires, and we’ll look at 3 of the best heat detectors you can use in your kitchen for the ultimate peace of mind and protection.

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This article was updated in September 2023.

Heat Detectors For Kitchens?

Every fire service in the UK, including the London Fire Brigade, recommend heat detectors for kitchens – not smoke alarms.

Heat detectors for kitchens are recommended because they work by only alarming if the ambient heat detected in the kitchen room rises sharply or if the heat detected rises above 54c.

Heat detectors for kitchens do not alarm from cooking toast, frying something in the frying pan, or the steam from a kettle.

best heat detector for kitchens

Of course, smoke detectors will work in kitchens, but they quickly become a nuisance due to all of the false alarms they produce.

One big thing I’ve seen is people thinking they are doing the right thing by installing smoke detectors in their kitchens, only for it to alarm so frequently that they remove the batteries due to the nuisance false alarms – only then to never replace them or find an alternative system.

And this eye watering statistic says everything:

heat detector for kitchens uk

So heat detectors, not smoke detectors, are highly recommended for kitchens.

Top 3 Heat Detectors – Quick View

Here’s a quick view of our top 3 heat detectors for kitchens, just in case you don’t have the time to go through all the detail on this page below.

Our top 3 kitchen heat detectors are based on metrics regarding reliability, durability, brand name, features and value for money.





  • Magnetic plate for easy installation

  • Can be networked with other same brand detectors

  • Battery operated

  • Mute buttons


  • Screw in installation

  • Encased battery with 10 year life

  • Detects rapid temperature change

  • Can be linked with other detectors


  • Superb value

  • Standalone system for kitchens

  • Integrated 10 year life battery

  • Installation by 2x ceiling screws

Let’s dive into our top 3 kitchen heat sensors and see why the Sebson came out as number one.


Make no mistake about it, this kitchen heat detector is the best heat detector for your kitchen because of one huge feature – interlinking (or networked).

Meaning that if you have other Sebson heat or smoke detectors in your house or flat, setting off one detector will make all other networked detectors sound their alarms too – great if your home is on the larger side, and a great advanced warning system.

Let’s put this into perspective. If a fire starts in your kitchen at 2am in the morning, and your kitchen is located at the back of your house, and you’re asleep in a bedroom at the front of the house, there is a strong likelihood that it will take some time for the alarm, subdued because of doors and walls, to rouse you from your sleep.

If you had a networked system, a heat detector going off in the kitchen would also set off your smoke detectors located in or nearby your room.

Remember: Every single second counts in house fires.

We also like the fact that this heat detector comes with two attachment methods; the usual two screw method into your ceiling, but also a choice of a magnetic backing with self adhesive mounting plate – great for quick and simple installation.

Just make sure you choose the right one before adding to your basket – there’s two options, one with the magnetic holder, the other without.

We also like that the battery is changeable – simply test your detector regularly, and chage the batteries regularly for optimum protection.

This Sebson heat sensor for kitchens is set to alarm when the temperature detected reaches 54c or above. Some heat detectors on the market will alarm before this temperature, when it detects a sharp rise in temperature over a small time frame.

Other Sebson Linked Products

If you are looking to link or network the heat detector with other smoke alarms in different parts of the house (so if one detector alarms, they all alarm), then the following products displayed below are the products you need for a linked system (Please be aware that not all Sebson products have interlinking/network feature).



Fire Angel is another trusted brand that offers networked heat detectors and smoke detectors. One goes off, all other linked detectors go off, no matter where they are in the house – simply the best advanced warning system when it comes to home fires.

Whilst it doesn’t boast of features such as magnetic install plates for easy installation and the ability to change the battery yourself like the Sebson above (this battery is a ‘sealed for life battery’ and will need resplacing within 10 years), it does have the technology that senses rapidly rising temperatures as a trigger point.

The manufacturer states that this is even better than waiting for the temperature to reach 54c (as the above Sebson), as it will alarm far quicker and alert you to any fires that may be taking hold quicker.

What we also like is the locate feature. If you have all of your alarms networked, if you press the locate button, all the alrms apart from the one that initiated will be silenced, so you’ll know quickly exactly where the danger is and whether it’s nearby or not.

What we are not a fan of though, is the intergated battery. The manufacturer says it has a 10 year battery life, but in the event of a malfunction, you wouldn’t be able to simply change and replace the batteries – you’d have to return the whole uit to be replaced.

The upside to this integrated battery though, is that if it does last as long as the manufacturer says, then you don’t have to replace the batteires every couple of years like some do – however, regular testing of all your smoke and heat detectors is a must.

Other Fire Angel Interlinked Products

If you are looking to link or network the heat detector with other smoke alarms in different parts of the house (so if one detector alarms, they all alarm), then the following products displayed below are the products you need for a linked system (Please be aware that not all Fire Angel products have interlinking/network feature).



If you’re not looking to go linked/networks with your heat and smoke detectors in your home, then this Fire Angel ‘stand alone’ heat sensor for kitchens will do you perfectly fine.

It is by all means ‘no frills’, but does exactly what it says it does – and alarms when it detects a rapid rise in temperature.

It has an integrated battery (10 year lifespan), and is installed by screwing two screws into the ceiling. It’s plug and play at its finest, for a ridiculously low price.

You can read the review on it here. And you can buy it at Amazon here.

Final Thoughts

Without doubt, the interlinked system is the way to go for maximum fire safety and as an advanced warning system.

If you are in Scotland, an interlinked smoke and heat alarm system has been law since 2022. I have an article here on interlinked systems and Scottish Law.

This may mean that you need to replace some other detectors too, and at some additional cost, but a linked alarm system is the most advanced and safest option for residential properties in the UK.

If you don’t want a networked system, or don’t think it’s necessary because you live in a small house or flat, then number three on the list would be our top pick.

But whatever you decide, do go and buy a heat detector for your kitchen. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, roughly 60% of all home domestic fires start in the kitchen, which is why heat detectors for kitchens, and not smoke alarms, are highly recommended.

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  1. Totally resonates with me – I bought a bunch of smoke detectors for our house. The one in the kitchen kept going off so I removed the batteries. 3 years later here I am researching kitchen heat detectors. Its one of them things, ‘ I will sory it next week’ but w number of house fires near us have spurred me into action. I went with the Fire Angel one, no need for linked detectors in our home. Thanks for the insight.

  2. I’ve just purchased the fire angel heat detectors, one for my kitchen and one for my garage. I’m hoping it will be suitable for the garage as I found the smoke alarm that I currently have kept going off when I was doing particular work.


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