Fire Angel Kitchen Heat Alarm Review

Many people will buy a smoke detector for their kitchen thinking they are doing the right thing, but the best type of detector for a kitchen is not a smoke detector, but a heat detector.

A heat detector is the best option for kitchens because the alarm doesn’t annoyingly activate when you are cooking a Sunday roast for your family.

A heat detector won’t alarm when you burn your toast, and nor will it alarm when you boil the kettle.

Heat detectors constantly monitor ambient temperatures around the head of the alarm, and will only activate once a certain criteria has been met (like rapid rising of temperature within a specific timescale).

A heat detector for your kitchen is the best type of early warning system to alert you and your family of potential danger in your kitchen, giving you a fast and effective warning allowing you to get to safety in a timely manner if required.

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Fire Angel Kitchen Heat Alarm Review

Before we start this Fire Angel Kitchen Heat Alarm Review, I want to make a few things clear.

I wasn’t paid to do this review and I wasn’t given the product for free.

This product was actually purchased, on my advice, for my father’s next door neighbour who had a smoke detector installed in his kitchen (which yes, you guessed it, had caused so many spurious alarms that he had removed the batteries and had no other protection).

I purchased it from Amazon here.

He gave me permission to have a look at it and photograph it for review purposes, in return for me installing it (Thanks Ted).

Let’s jump into it then, here’s my Fire Angel kitchen Heat Alarm Review.

1. Purchase

I purchased the Fire Angel Kitchen Heat Alarm from Amazon as you can see here.

10 Year Heat Alarm - Fireangel Ht-630
2,760 Reviews
10 Year Heat Alarm – Fireangel Ht-630
  • Power indicator and test/silence button
  • 10 year sealed battery life

Price varies according to any offers that may or may not be on, but don’t expect to pay more than the equivalent of few coffees from your local barista.

Yes, they are cheap.

2. Unboxing

The packaging is well presented in an orange and grey and outlines the features and benefits of the product.

Unboxing Fire Angel Kitchen Heat Alarm Review

Inside the box you get:

  • Heat Detector
  • Heat Detector baseplate
  • 2x screws and rawl plugs
  • Instruction booklet

3. Features & Benefits

The Amazon item specifics isn’t the greatest for information, and much of the information on how this device actually works is found in the printed booklet inside the packaging.

But the key facts for this kitchen heat detector is as follows:

  • Alarm point temperature is between 54c-65c
  • 10 year, sealed for life battery
  • Operating fine: red flashing LED every 45 seconds
  • Fault: Amber flashing LED
  • Test/Silence button in the middle
  • 85 decibel piezo sounder

4. Installation

Like most detectors, smoke detectors and other life saving alarm systems, this was a breeze to install.

The only slightly annoying part was the fact that the holes in the baseplate where the screws are put through are not punched out for you – you can see where they are but it is seemingly designed so you have to push them out yourself .

It’s a trivial thing and only took a little force from a small screwdriver to pop them out, and it’s beyond me why they can’t be fully pushed out for you in the manufacturing process.

I simply marked out where the rawl plugs would go in the ceiling using a pencil, drilled 2 small holes to match the size of the plugs, and then screwed the baseplate into the ceiling.

From there, I twisted the heat detector unit onto the baseplate. The important thing here was that when I twisted it on, and seemingly came to the end of the thread, it required just a little bit more of a stronger twist so the threading could break the paper seal on the back of the unit – and it turn, activating the sealed battery unit.

I knew I had done it right because I met some resistance, and then felt the twist move through that resistance – when this happened, a little red light flashed at me to say it was now on.

And that was that. it took no more than 3 minutes to install.

5. Aesthetics

The heat detector is white, with a span no bigger than a small saucer or side plate.

It’s not flat by any means, but it also doesn’t look too intrusive when installed, and for the time you’re going to spend looking at the ceiling of your kitchen, I can’t imagine it would matter too much anyway.

6. 2 Month Check & 1 Year Check

(Edited a year later November 2022 for 1 year+ check).

I popped in on my father’s neighbour nearly 2 months later and asked him if he had any problems since I installed it for him.

The great news was that he had experienced no false alarms (compared to his old smoke detector, which eventually led him to removing the batteries altogether and being without alarm cover). Checking it over, the red light was still flashing at intervals of 45 seconds, and when we pushed the test button in the centre of the unit, an extremely loud beeping was heard by us and probably the neighbours too.

heat detector for kitchens review

Whether this battery lasts the 10 years the manufacturer guarantees won’t be known for a long time, but that’s where the beauty of Amazon purchases come in – their customer service is second to none and I’m sure that any problems would be dealt with and rectified in a timely manner.

I also popped around at the start of November to test the alarm for him. I can report the alarm was still functioning correctly.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found some insight in my Fire Angel Kitchen Heat Alarm Review, and it has helped you make an informed purchase decision.

It also made number one in the Top 3 Heat Detectors For Kitchens article.

To sum up Fire Angel kitchen heat alarm review: This is one of the best heat detectors for kitchens you can buy, which is cheap, practical and extremely easy to install.

If you don’t have a heat detector in your kitchen, and you don’t need a linked system, then the Fire Angel is an excellent choice from a trusted manufacturer of safety equipment.

Here it is on Amazon again:

10 Year Heat Alarm - Fireangel Ht-630
2,760 Reviews
10 Year Heat Alarm – Fireangel Ht-630
  • Power indicator and test/silence button
  • 10 year sealed battery life

Linked Detection System?

I always advise on a linked up system ofheat detectors and smoke detectors.

As loud as these alarms are when they activate, if you are in a stage of deep sleep, it could well take a number of seconds or minutes for you to hear a heat detector alarming downstairs in the kitchen.

But a point of note here: My father’s friend lives in a small bungalow spread over one floor. His kitchen is actually right next to his bedroom, so in this case, a standalone system like this Fire Angel Kitchen Heat Alarm was selected a suitable.

If you have a traditional house where the kitchen is located downstairs and you sleep upstairs (or vice versa in some new Town House styled homes), then a linked system definitely has more benefits over standalone detectors and sensors.

I go over linked systems here.

But I’ve Already got A Smoke Detector In The Room Next to My kitchen?

That’s great news, and you are partly covered by an early warning detection system in your home.

However, that being said, in the event of house fires, time is the name of the game.

A fire in the kitchen in the middle of the night will have to grow to a substantial fire before the smoke hits that smoke head in the next room (and also poses questions about how long the smoke will get to the head of the detector especially if there are closed doors etc).

Remember, for a smoke detector to activate, the smoke has to hit the head of the smoke detector first.

So to be alerted at the first instance, you should always have a heat detector located in the kitchen area of your home; seconds count, and a few seconds delay could well be the difference between life and death.

Where Can These Heat Detectors Be Installed?

The manufacturer states on the packaging that this product is suitable for use in the kitchen, in the garage and in loft spaces.

If you are lucky enough to have a utility room, with a washer and dryer in, then it will also be suitable in there too.

You’ll probably find (or have already found out) that a smoke detector reacts to steam from washing or drying clothing – esepcially steam for a tumble dryer when you first open the doors.

To summarise, a heat detector is best utilised in:

  • Kitchens
  • Garages
  • Loft Spaces
  • Utility Rooms

Will The Fire Service Install One For Free For Me?

If you meet certain criteria, then some Fire Services will come to your home and install a similar heat detector for you in your kitchen.

For eligibility requirements, check out this list here and select the local area you live in.

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