Best Smoke And Heat Detector Combination Alarms

smoke and heat detector combination

A smoke and heat detector combination alarm gives you peace of mind that you are protected on two different levels, because a combination fire alarm will sound the alarm when the heat threshold is exceeded, or when smoke is detected in the atmosphere. In this article we will look at using and installing a smoke …


Fire Escape Plan For Your Home

Fire Escape plan

A fire escape plan for your home and your family is an important but sadly overlooked part of home safety. We stick a few smoke detectors up on a few ceilings, and we think: job done. But fire safety at home should go much further than this, and a fire escape plan that everyone will …


Best Smoke Detector Locations And 1 Vital Place

best smoke detector loctions

You would think the best smoke detector locations are in sleeping locations – but you would be wrong. The best place for a smoke detector or smoke alarms is in every individual room of your house. This is a safety first approach, and best practice for alerting you to a fire at the earliest available …


How A Home Heat Detector Works – A Simple Guide

How a Home Heat Detector Works

Understanding how a home heat detector works is hugely important, because they work differently to a smoke detector. While smoke detectors are an essential component of home safety systems, heat detectors also play an important role in alerting residents to the presence of a fire. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at how …


How a Smoke Detector Works – A Simple Guide

how a smoke detector works

If you’ve ever wondered how a smoke detector works, and how it knows when to alarm when it detects smoke in your home, then this article gives you the simple answers on how smoke detectors work in your home. Smoke detectors are an essential part of any home’s safety system, helping to alert you and …


Vape Battery Safety: Vaping Advice

Although the safety of vaping products has greatly improved over the last few years, there’s still a worrying trend that seems to make the news every week – and that is fires caused by vape or ecigarette battery devices catching fire. In this article, we’ll look at some of the dangers these devices can pose, …


How To Use A Fire Blanket Safely (Home UK)

how to use a fire blanket

In this article, we’ll show you how to use a fire blanket quickly and effectively for small fires that may break out in your kitchen unexpectedly. Having a fire blanket in your kitchen can be extremely beneficial, but simply having a fire blanket and placing it in your kitchen is only half the job.  The …


Best Smoke Detector Tester (UK Homes)

Best Smoke Detector Tester

You’ve got smoke alarms and smoke detectors in your home, you press the button every now and again to make sure the batteries aren’t dead, but how do you really know your smoke detector will alarm when smoke is present? The answer is you don’t. For extra safety and extra peace of mind, a lot …


Home Fire Safety: The Definitive Guide

home fire safety

Home fire safety again made the news today, with the devastating house fire that cost the lives of a mother, grandmother and two children. It’s an absolute tragedy that lives are continually lost in house fires in the United Kingdom every single year. Whilst it is too early to understand what caused the fire and …