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A family first aid kit is an absolutely essential piece of kit, especially if you have small children in your home. When I first upgraded our first aid kit to a family first aid kit just before my first born came along, I actually believed that the kit I purchased was overkill.

A couple of years on, and we’ve made use of nearly every item apart from the foil blankets.

A good first aid kit makes sense. A box of plasters will only get you so far, but when you’ve got a clumsy adult in the house, or an over adventurous child who thinks he can fly like Superman, you’ll be grateful you took time to go and research and purchase a properly equipped family first aid kit.

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Family First Aid Kit – The Best You Can Buy

Let’s get straight to the point and show you the best family first aid kit that money can buy in the UK.

220 Piece Premium First Aid Kit Bag - Includes Eyewash, 2 x Cold (Ice) Packs and Emergency Blanket for Home, Office, Car, Caravan, Workplace, Travel and Sports (Green) (Green)
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220 Piece Premium First Aid Kit Bag – Includes Eyewash, 2 x Cold (Ice) Packs and Emergency Blanket for Home, Office, Car, Caravan, Workplace, Travel and Sports (Green) (Green)
  • 220 ESSENTIAL ITEMS: This Premium First Aid Kit from Amazon’s leading provider of First Aid Kits contains 220 essential items including extra strong metal medical scissors, instant cold pack and a large foil emergency blanket and a range of plasters.
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Extremely hard-wearing outer bag means this product is difficult to break and is made to last. The bag is highly organised and features multiple compartments with additional space to add more supplies when necessary. This means you can organise the contents how you like, and find what you need, when you need it

So why is this the best family first aid kit then?

Well, there’s 220 items in there for a start, including plasters, antiseptic wipes, guaze pads, bandages, elbow plasters, cold compresses and even eyewash.

It basically covers clumsy adults who nearly take of half a finger when chopping an onion. It covers children who jump everywhere believing they are Superman. It covers wardrobe malfunctions when you need a safety pin at short notice. And it covers everything in between.

And with this kit, you’re not running out of anything fast.

Added to that, it comes in a very smart bag which has inside pockets and meshes to easily organise the kit, at an a reasonable price point, then this is not only a superb first aid kit, it’s excellent value for money as well (check the latest price on

I’ve listed the pros and cons of this kit below for quick reference:


  • Essentials for every eventuality.
  • Lot’s of large plasters – essential for childrens knees and elbows.
  • Antiseptic wipes to reduce chance of cuts getting infected.
  • 2 instant snap cold compress packs. When you have small children, these are a godsend.
  • Sting relief packs which are very effective.
  • Smart material bag with handles.
  • The bag is compact and lightweight.


  • For some people, the cost of this kit might be over budget.
  • The medical gloves seemed extremely small and tight fitting (but I do have big hands).

How To Make this First Aid Kit Even Better…

I’ve added additional items to our family first aid kit. Your circumstances will obviously b different to mine, but will make you think about what will be appropriate for your first aid kit.

I have added:

  • An emergency box of paracetemol and antihistamines (This is mainly for when we take the kit on short breaks and holidays).
  • Calpol for children – sachets.
  • A spare reliever inhaler for myself that is nearly empty (Again, mainly for when we are away, for emergency use).
  • Branded plasters for very small children (having a plaster with a colourful image of Peppa Pig and friends works well to take a childs mind off of their cut or graze when they are small).
  • Additional medical tape (there’s not enough supplied in my opinion).
  • A small LED torch (for when away on short breaks).

Size and Weight

Don’t be fooled by the product images. It’s not as big as it looks.

This family first aid kit is small, compact, lightweight and is very easy to take away on camping trips, day trips or even on holidays.

Do We Need A Family First Aid Kit?

You need some sort of first aid kit, whether you are a single person living on your own, a couple, or a family with children.

It’s one of those things that we do take for granted and we tend to always think ‘I’ll never need a first aid kit’.

Yet the truth is, there’s always bits and pieces in a first aid kit that you’ll need from time to time, wehether that is for a medical emergency, a cut knee, or even daft things like needing a safety pin for clothing to save a wardrobe malfunction.

family first aid kit for home uk

The items found in a first aid kit are items you wouldn’t ordinarily go out and buy. You just don’t think about these things.

With a family first aid kit though, you won’t need to think about these things, because the kit has you covered for nearly every small medical predicament you may find yourself in.

Cheaper Alternatives

Are there cheaper alternatives?

Yes, of course.

You can buy the smaller family first aid kit on Amazon right here – it does only have 90 pieces in it compared to the 220 pieces you’re getting with the Premium version, but still has a lot of the essentials in there.


If you have a family with children, you need a family first aid kit – there’s no two ways about it.

Trust me, you don’t want to be going out at 7am on a rainy Sunday morning trying to source a bandage for a cut knee – you want the items on hand and available immediately.

The amount of use our first aid kit has had in my little one’s first few years has been quite frankly scary – but it has been excellent value so far and I always know that we have the essentials packed away in our little green bag which covers most emergencies that you’ll likely face at home or when on the road.

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