Best Medicine Box Organiser (UK Top 3)

If you’re taking a daily prescribed tablet, or unlucky enough to have to take multiple daily tablets, then a medicine box organiser is an absolute must. Keeping your medications organised and safe is essential for ensuring you have the medicines you need, when you need them.

A medicine box organiser can also be used for daily vitamins, such as cod liver oil tablets or multivitamins.

In this article, I’ll take a look at the best medicine box organiser you can buy, which will not only help you safely store your medication but also provide you with with a chronological day by day reminder of what pills you’ve taken, and what pills you haven’t – perfect for those who cannot remember if they’ve taken their daily medication or not.

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Best Medicine Box Organiser (UK Top 3 Table)

Beow is a quick glance table at the best medicine box organisers for your pills and tablets. I go through the advantages and disadvantages in detail below.




  • 7 days tablet planner

  • 2x side for AM and PM

  • Pop up flaps

  • Cheap but robust

  • Monthly tablet organiser

  • AM and PM compartments

  • Days removable for travel

  • Robust and well made

  • Basic 7 day pill box

  • Budget alternative

  • Extremely cheap

  • Black or pink

1. JFA Medical Weekly Pill Box Organiser (WINNER!)

The JFA Medicine Storage Box is a clear winner due to it’s price, design, build quality and how easy and clear it is to organise pills into a twice daily schedule. It’s also really well priced and extremely affordable.

It’s best suited for: People who take twice daily pills or tablets, either single or multiple.

Let’s talk about the design and build quality first. The storage box is made of high quality plastic that feels robust and strong, and built to last.

Your tablets are accessed by gently pushing down the push buttons in front of the flaps, which lifts the flap to enable you to gain access to that particular days tablets.

To close the flap, just push it down to click it into place.

This is an easy procedure, not at all fiddly, and will go some way to stopping little children gaining access.

Days are ordered, for some reason, from Saturday through to Sunday, or Sunday through to Saturday) depending on which way you look at it, left to right or right to left). As we are in the UK, we usually order things starting at the left and going through to the right, and I’m not entirely sure why they haven’t ordered it left to right, Monday to Sunday as we are accustomed to.

That being said, these flaps can be removed and replaced in an order that suits you.

The medicine box organiser also comes in two rows, with the seven days repeated both sides, one for morning, one for night. The days of the week are also clearly labelled in a dark black, big font, which makes it easy to read, as well as the AM or PM marker on each day.

Importantly, it also allows you to see inside each compartment to see whether the tablets have been taken or not.

This is a an excellent medicine box which will organise your pills and tablets into a daily AM or PM order, and is thoroughly recommended.

You can check the price of this pill organiser box and buy it from Amazon here: JFA Medicine Box Organiser

2. Monthly Pill Organizer

The Monthly Pill Box Organiser comes a close second, mainly due to price. It’s more than 3x the price of the winner above, but does afford you more planning, and less frequent sorting of tablets; plan your tablets on a monthly basis rather than every week.

It’s best suited for: People who want to be organised for a month.

Rather than being labelled with days of the week, this product labels dasy of the month, from 1 to 31. Each date contains two seperate compartments, labelled AM and PM.

The boxes are well designed and sturdy, and also BPA free.


handily, they can also be removed from the tray, which is perfect if you have a holiday or day out planned – simply remember to take those dates in your bag with you.

Just like the winning tablet box organiser above, the design and build quality is well thought our and robust, featuring snap shut boxes that can be seen into without the need to open each individual compartment.

This is an excellent pill box organiser at a higher price, but well worth it if you only want to sort out your pills 12 times a year instead of 52 times a year.

You can check the price of this pill organiser box and buy it from Amazon here: Monthly Pill Box Oraginiser

3. Weekly Pill Box Organiser

The Weekly Pill Box Organiser is a simple yet effective way of managing your intake of pills, tablets or vitamins, like cod liver oil tablets or multivitamins.

It has 7 days, going from Sunday to Saturday, and has one compartment per day.

Best suited for: People who take pills or tablets once a day.

You can buy this pill box in either black or pink, perfect for a couple who may need to take daily prescribed medication.


The lids of each compartment are snap lids, although easily lifted when access is required.

Days are clearly labelled in a large font, and you can see inside the compartments without the need to open each compartment.

This is a good, solid, cheap and cheerful pill box organiser, whish is also BPA free, ideal for those who take daily pills once a day.

You can check the price and buy the weekly pill box from here: Weekly Pill Box Organiser

What Is A Medicine Box Organiser?

A medicine box organiser, also called a dosette box, organises and manages medication into compartments that are labelled with days or dates of the month. It is a practical aid for managing pills, tablets or vitamins to ensure medication is not missed or double dosed.

It allows someone who takes daily pills or tablets to organise their medication effeciently and effectively, esepcially helpful for those who take more than one type of medication per day.

For example, for someone who is taking 3 different pills a day, instead of going to the three different pill bottles or boxes that they are dispensed in every day, the person would simply go to their storage box or dosette box, and all their tablets for that day would be stored there.

This helps people to avoid missing their daily tablet, or avoid potential double dosing events, where they forget whether they have taken their daily tablet or not.

Some advanced management is needed, usually at the start of the week or start of the month, where the person will need to dispense the correct tablets into the correct compartments for the week or month ahead.

Advantages Of A Medicine Box Organiser

Having a medicine box organiser is all about advantages and benefits, with very few disadvantages.

The advantages of having a medicine box organiser are:

  • Ability to fill the medicine box organiser at the start of the week
  • Easy organisation of pills and tablets
  • Enables you to avoid forgetting to take tablets pills or tablets
  • Enables you to avoid potential double dosing (when you think you haven’t had your daily tablets and then take them again)
  • Great for all people taking daily tablets, including elderly and children
  • Some iwll allow you take individual days in your bag – perfect for days out or holidays.

Where To Store your Medicine Box Organiser

If you have children in your home, or children who visit your home, it’s essential you take steps to secure your medication in a safe place.

Best Medicine Box Organiser

Please do note, none of these organisation boxes are marketed for child safety. So although some safety features exist (like push up flaps), it’s best to store your pill box in a place that is safe from little hands and fingers – especially in modern days where tablets can be different colours and shapes, replicating a sweet in a childs mind.

At the same time, those pills need to be handy for you to access, becuase if you hide them away too well you may well forget them altogether.

A cupboard is ideal – either in the kitchen cupboard or bathroom cabinet, high enough to stop children reaching them, but located well enough to incorporate into your daily routine.

TOP TIP: Keep a glass next to your medicine storage box, which can be used for water to take with your tablets. It just makes things easier, rather than going from cupboard to cupboard.


There will be possible negative repercussions from either missing prescribed medication, or unintentionally double dosing on prescribed medication – all because you’ve forgotten whether you’ve taken your medication or not.

A medicine box organiser will help you take the correct pills or tablets, on the right days.

It’s a cheap and effective way of managing your medication.

It will also stop you potentially putting yourself in danger of double dosing, because if you think you’ve not taken your medication, the empty compartment will tell you that you’ve taken them.

If you take even just one tablet daily, even if it’s a multivitamin or cod liver oil tablet, then I fully recommend a medicine box organiser.

Here’s the top 3 table again for your convenience:




  • 7 days tablet planner

  • 2x side for AM and PM

  • Pop up flaps

  • Cheap but robust

  • Monthly tablet organiser

  • AM and PM compartments

  • Days removable for travel

  • Robust and well made

  • Basic 7 day pill box

  • Budget alternative

  • Extremely cheap

  • Black or pink

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