Best Small Foldable Step Stool (UK Top 3)

A small foldable step stool is an extremely handy and versatile item to have in your home. A step stool will allow you to safely reach places that are just out of reach, without the need to go and get your stepladders out of your garage or shed and prevent you standing on objects found around your home that aren’t designed to be stood on.

And let’s be completely honest here. How many times have you stood on the edge of a bath to open a top window in your bathroom? How many times have you stood on a childrens chair to reach something stored in the top of a wardrobe? How many times have you stood on a coffee table to change a lightbulb? And how many times have you stood on a dining room chair to reach something in a top kitchen cupboard?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. And we’ve all risked becoming a statistic and potentially injuring ourselves.

A small foldable step stool is cheap, easy to use and can be folded away after use.

Most importantly, it is safe.

Stepping stools are designed to be stood on, they are designed to take your weight, and they are designed to be steady.

In this article, I will look at 3 of the best step stools you can buy in the UK, to assist you with safely reaching those hard to reach areas, drastically cutting your chances of becoming yet another statistic and potentially injuring yourself.

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Small Foldable Step Stool (UK Top 3 Table)

For your convenience, I’ve placed the best small foldable step stool league table below, so you have a quick glance reference of which step stool is the best one to buy in the UK, along with the core features of each one.

All 3 of these foldable step stools are looked at in detail individually further on down on this page.




  • Attractive pricing

  • Rubber grips on legs and top

  • Max weight: 23.6 stone (150kg)

  • Available in two sizes

  • Small & lightweight

  • Rubber grips on legs and top

  • Max weight: 21.4st (136kg)

  • 28cm height gain (0.91 foot)

  • Made of steel

  • Rubber grips on legs and top

  • Max weight: 23.6st (150kg)

  • 17cm height gain (0.55 foot)

Best Small Foldable Step Stool: The Criteria

When I’ve looked at step stools, I’ve judged each one on the features it has and the price point it commands.

Each step stool mentioned on this page has to have the following criteria:

  • Weight bearing – each step stool will have a minimum load bearing weight of at least 15st.
  • Foldable – each step stool should have the ability to fold up completely flat, for easy storage.
  • Non Slip – each step stool in the top 3 will have double non slip properties – non slip material on the feet and on the top.
  • Height – at least 15cm additional height (or half a foot).

1. (WINNER!) Beldray Small Folding Stool

The Beldray Small Folding Stool is the best small fold up step stool you can buy for your home to help you reach areas that are just out of reach and make access easier, and most importantly, safer.

This small folding step stool comes in two different size options. The small option gives you an additional 22cm (or 0.72 of a foot), while the large offering offers an excellent 40cm (or 1.31 foot).

Some considerations when choosing the size need to be taken into account, with the main consideration being the ability of the person who will be using the step stoolthe most.

For the more agile, I recommend the 40cm version, as stepping onto it is more of a challenge because it is higher than the smaller version. For those less agile, I recommend the 22cm version, so those of us of a certain age, where agility is more of a problem, will have no problem stepping onto it.

In terms of ease of use and storage, it’s excellent at both.

The Beldray comes delivered flat, and once it’s out of the wrapping, all you need to do is push the handle to set up (which is great for transporting it and carrying it by the way) whilst pushing down on the rest of the stool. The stool then unfolds and locks into position. To fold away again, simply do the opposite.


The step stool will then easily slide in between a cupboard, behind a sofa, or under the stairs without taking up hardly any room at all, because it is stored flat.

In terms of the build quality, even at this price point, it feels good and well made. The plastic is sturdy and robust, and even when standing on it, it feels hardwearing and safe.

Talking of safety, the top of the stepstool is non slip (where you stand) and has a slightly rough, dimpled feel to it, with non slip ‘dots’ to stop you sliding off the top when stood on it, whilst the underside of the legs have small rubber inserts to prevent any movement – which is especially helpful if you are using it on tiled or laminate floors.

As for maximum weight limits for people using this, there is a maximum weight of 23.6st, or 150kg, which is plenty.

This is an excellent example of a foldable small step stool that can be used for a variety of tasks, has excellent safety features and comes in at a ridiculously low price. And furthermore, I thoroughly recommend this as a great option if you’re in the market for a small, lightweight step stool that costs not much more than a few coffees at Starbucks.

You can check the latest price and buy the Beldray Stool on here: Beldray Small Stool

2. Spranster Small Folding Stool

In 2nd place, is the Spranster Small Foldable Step Stool.

Again, this ticks all boxes for the criteria listed at the top of this page. It will give you a height gain of 28cm (or 0.91 foot) which is nearly in the centre range of the two size offerings for the above Beldray stool.

Its maximum weight load bearing value is 21.4st (135.9kg), and it has non slip feet and top surface, ensuring the stool doesn’t slip or slide on shiny surfaces, and also ensuring you don’t slip and slide whilst standing on it.

It folds easily, and is deployed easily, and has a handle for easy carriage.

I’m not entirely sure what the marketing image is trying to achieve here (below), because I’m not sure what a semi naked man has got to do with a step stool, but this does comes in 2 different colours, white and black.

You can get the black one here: Black Spranster Stool


There are no other size alternatives for the Spranster stool as I’ve mentioned but does come in the more traditional black and white options, but nevertheless, this is an excellent step stool which comes a very close second, and comes recommended

You can check the latest price and buy the Spranster Stool on here: Spranster Small Folding Step Stool

3. Navaris Step Stool

In 3rd place, is the Navaris Step Stool.

A different design to the other step stools on this page, because this is made of alloy steel instead of plastic.

However, it is still foldable as the legs fold into the structure of the stool, and has a handle on the side making this easy to store and transport.

This is the smallest of height gains on this page, giving an additional height gain of 17cm (or 0.56 of a foot), and is perfect for those who are not as agile as they used to be, but just need an extra few centimetres to make their life a little easier.

The legs have rubber feet to prevent sliding on wooden or laminate floors, and the top surface has a ribbed vinyl surface which will prevent you slipping off the top.

The maximum load bearing weight for this step stool is 23.6st (or 150kg).

I have a family member that uses this particular step stool. She is elderly, and always had a hard time getting into her bed due to some mobility issues. This step is permanantly in use, and stays next to her bed, giving her better and easier access when getting in and out of bed.

The Navaris comes in a little more expensive than the others, but does have a better perceived value due to the materials it is constructed from.

This is another great step stool that will improve access and make reaching things just out of reach, that little bit easier.

You can check the latest price and buy the Navaris Step Stool on here: Navaris Step Stool

What Can Step Stools Be Used For?

A small foldable step stool can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which are listed below.

But whatever you need a step stool for, the main reason you would buy a step stool is safety.

For years, I would use everthing and anything to hand to get a height advantage and reach things that were out of my reach. Until one day, I decided to use a swivel style office chair to reach a shelf that was just out of my reach. It wasn’t one of my best decisions, because as soon as I reached up, the swivel chair decided to rotate (as it’s designed to do), and I fell off the chair and ended up cutting my elbow open.

Small Foldable Step Stool

And lets face it, we’ve all been there.

We say to ourselves:

“I’ll just quickly stand on that, to reach this item here.” And  “It’s only a few seconds, I won’t fall.”

Yet, the chances of a fall when using household items not designed to be stood on are hugely increased, to a level where the No Falls Foundation estimate that 105-420k falls from height happen every year in UK homes.

And yes. Standing on a chair or table, and falling off, is classed as a fall from height. In fact, anything that is above ground level, is classed as a fall from height.

So, what can a small foldable step stool be used for?

  • Changing a lightbulb.
  • Getting into or out of bed.
  • In a camper van or motorhome.
  • Reaching kitchen cupboards and items within those cupboards.
  • Cleaning and dusting ceilings and walls.
  • Opening and closing top windows.
  • Reaching into high up wardrobe storage spaces.
  • Cleaning windows.
  • Reaching into storage areas.
  • Hanging curtains.
  • Cleaning hard to reach places.
  • And many, many other tasks….

The versatility that these stepping stools bring is invaluable. I’ve even used mine to paint, as the extra height advantage I gained enabled me to paint my living room and dining room without needing to use big clumsy stepladders.

A Step Stool As A Seat?

A step stool is seriously versatile, and I’ve used it for many things.

I’ve also seen other people using step stools for other things too, like a seat whilst camping, a seat whilst watching a kids game of football at a park, and a seat for staff at a supermarket who were filling shelves near the floor.

And that’s the beauty of one of these – not only do they have the use case for 100’s of different things, but they are also very portable and lightweight, meaning they can be easily transported or taken with you for a variety of purposes.


Here’s a recap of the top 3 best small foldable step stools money can buy.




  • Attractive pricing

  • Rubber grips on legs and top

  • Max weight: 23.6 stone (150kg)

  • Available in two sizes

  • Small & lightweight

  • Rubber grips on legs and top

  • Max weight: 21.4st (136kg)

  • 28cm height gain (0.91 foot)

  • Made of steel

  • Rubber grips on legs and top

  • Max weight: 23.6st (150kg)

  • 17cm height gain (0.55 foot)

For the price of one of these small foldup stepping stools, having one in your home is an absolute no brainer.

A step stool will make life easier and safer, and is extremely handy to have in your home.

It will also probably shock you at just how versatile and how much use you get out of it. For instance, Just last week, I used mine as a low seat whilst giving my alloy wheels a clean and polish.

And just for fun, those of us around in the 80’s and 90’s each had our very own step stool delivered to our homes free of charge, every single year, as seen in the below video.

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