Electric Bike Security: 5 Quick Tips

With electric bikes becoming more and more popular by the day, it goes without saying that electric bike security is becoming more and more important. With an electric bike costing upwards of £500 even for an entry level e-bike, it’s worth looking at ways to stop criminals getting their hands on it, whether you’re out riding it, parking it up somewhere, or storing it overnight at home.

In this article, I’m going to take a good look at electric bike security, as well as looking at some of the ways you can reduce the risk of theft of your bike.

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Electric Bike Security

Electric bike security really is no different from the security of a normal, non battery powered bike.

The only difference of course, is that you stand to be much more out of pocket if your e-bike gets stolen because of the obvious cost differences.

e-bike security

Of course, an electric bike is infinitely more appealing to a criminal because of this same reason, and it makes this type of bike more appealable and desirable to a criminal who knows it’s worth more and who knows they can sell it on quickly and easily.

The tips below will certainly help deter those criminals, and make things harder for them.

As I’ve said time and time again throughout the articles written onthis site, a criminal will nearly always take the path of least resistance.

In other words, they will target the easy stuff first.

Make it easy for them, and they will try and probably succeed.

Make it hard for them, and there’s a chance they’ll either not bother trying in the first place, or if they do, you’ve made it so difficult for them, that they will fail.

Don’t make it easy for them.

Combine and layer the security measures below, and you’ll reduce the risk of your e-bike being stolen. I’m not saying that it will stop them, but the risk will be reduced.

But at least try.

Tip #1: Insurance

You can check if your current home insurance contents policy covers theft of an electric bike by calling them and asking.

If they do provide this type of cover, you’ll have to ensure that it meets the limit so your e-bike is insured for the full amount (for example, some insurers will only cover up to a value of £500 for bikes).

Some insurers will also need you to declare your most expensive items that you want insurance for, so it’s worth a 5 minute call to see whether your e-bike is insured against theft.

NOTE: It’s worth noting that most home contents insurance only covers items that are stolen from your home or property. Most insurers will NOT cover you in the event of a theft when you’re out and about.

Tip #2: Bespoke Insurance

Did you know that you can get insurance specifically for your e-bike?

Bespoke insurance designed specifically for electric bikes has many benefits, including:

  • Full cover if your bike is stolen – whether it is stolen at home or way from home.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Third person liability.
  • Breakdown, rescue and recovery.
  • Sports cover.

It’s worth getting a quote for this specialist insurance, especially if you rely on your e-bike for things like getting to work or college.

You can get a multi quote from places like Compare The Market.

Tip #3: Double Lock It!

Secure your electric bike with not one lock, but two locks.

electric bike security uk ebike

The key here is to use two different types of lock.

I recommend using both a D lock (or a U lock – same thing), and a cable lock.

Like these ones below.

Recommended: U Lock For Electric Bikes

Tested and certified by Sold Secure in the UK, this is a solid U Lock for your electric bike.


Recommended: Cable Lock For Electric Bikes

Master Lock cable lock for your electric bike. Solid & dependable made by a trusted brand.


And the reason is three fold; first, the likelihood is that they will need two different types of tools to remove them both. Second, it takes more time to remove two locks, and thirdly, and it’s the one I love the most, is that two locks act as a better deterrent than one.

You should use these locks both at home and when you are away from home. Even when you put your bike away, in the garage or shed, use the locks like you normally would when you’re away from home.

If you have nothing to secure the bike against, consider installing an anchor point if possible.

Another important consideration is the battery pack. Some battery packs are easily removed, while others have security built in.

A lot of people choose to take their battery pack with them.

This isn’t the most convenient solution, but if you want to 100% make sure your battery isn’t stolen, then putting it in your backpack is the only way to prevent this from happening.

TIP! When using locks when out in public, always make sure your bike is locked to something that cannot be moved (a designated bike parking area if possible), and make sure you get the lock as tight and as snug to the structure as possible – this makes it harder for a criminal to manouvere any tools in order to defeat the locks.

Tip #4: Garage & Shed Security

Garages and sheds have a nasty habit of lulling people into a false sense of security.

electric bike security locks

More often than not, garages and sheds are the least secure areas of your property, and are often the weakest link when it comes to home security.

And it’s for the simple reason that most people neglect the security of their garage or shed.

After all, who’s going to break into my dusty old garage full of half used paint tins, plant pots and weed killer?

Well, you’ll be surprised.

Criminals know that the security of your garage and shed is a low priority for you, and that’s why 1 in 4 garages, and nearly 1 in 5 sheds are broken into or targeted every single year.

Simply placing your e-bike into your garage and shed, and locking the garage or shed, is simply not enough.

If you store your electric bike in your garage or shed at home, then ensure that you have adequate security measures in place for that garage or shed, and ensure you use any locks you’d normally use, to secure your bike.

MUST READ: 25 Simple Ways To Improve Garage Security

Tip #5: Register It, Mark It

I encourage you to register your e-bike on the Nationl Cycle Database.

Bike Register was initially founded in 1992, and is the UK’s biggest database of bikes, reaching over 1 million registered bikes in 2021.

There’s a small cost involved in this, with different methods of marking your electric bike, ensuring that if it is stolen, it can be quickly identified using QR codes, serial numbers or UV codes.

Check it out today, and see what you think.


The security of your electric bike is important. Don’t neglect it.

Unfortunately, over the years and in many industries, I always hear a saying that makes me shudder:

‘It will never happen to me.’

It’s a mindset that spans across different safety and security aspects, and it’s a mindset that has a nasty habit of biting people on the backside. Funny enough, that mindset changes when it ‘happens to them’.

Do try and combine the above tips to improve the security of your electric bike.

Having security measures in place is always better than having no security measures in place, and after spending £500-£2500 on your electric bike, don’t let a criminal get their hands on it easily because you won’t pay for the cost of a couple of locks.

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