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You’ll no doubt want the best moped security lock that money can buy when it comes to securing your moped against theft, so here’s a list of the top three best moped security locks in the UK right here on this page.

Moped theft currently stands at around 12,000 thefts a year. And it’s easy to see why. Mopeds are easy to steal when the correct security measures are not in place.

Having a good moped security lock will not only phelp prevent theft of your moped, but it also acts as a great deterrent; a criminal is far more likely to target a moped with no additional security measures applied to it that one with a visible deterrent such as a simple and cheap chain or lock.

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Top 3 Moped Security Locks

Here are 3 of the best moped security lock systems for your moped. We’ve listed them here for your convenience, and will then go through each one looking at the pros and cons of each.





  • Cheap, easy security

  • Heavy duty padlock

  • 5 keys

  • Wrap around wheel & solid object like lampost


  • For use on handlebars

  • Makes throttle, brakes & handlebars unusable

  • Universal design

  • Small and lightweight


  • Our winners big brother!

  • Thicker chain

  • Heavy duty padlock

  • 5 keys

  • Wrap around wheel & solid object like lampost

1. H&S Heavy Duty Bike Chain Lock PadLock

It’s cheap. It’s easy to use. And it’s small enough to store within your mopeds under seat storage. This is a very basic security measure that you can use with your moped to make it a harder target for criminals intent on stealing a moped.

The H&S Moped Chain And Lock is essentially a chain and padlock that goes around the structure of your wheel, that can either be wrapped around the wheel or wrapped around a solid object like a lamp post or dedicated motorcycle structure that you see in car parks.

I like this because it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and is a very visible deterrent against theft.

The chain is protected within the strong, nylon sheathing, making this the best moped security lock for smaller budgets.

It also comes with spare keys just in case you end up losing a key, which is always handy.

Buy it from by clicking here.

2. BigPantha Motorbike Lock – A Grip/Throttle/Brake/Handlebar Lock

A little more advanced than our number one above, the Big Panther moped lock comes at things from a different angle.

This is all about securing the main frame of the bike and rendering it useless becuase it protects the handle bars, the throttle and braking system.

Top Tip: Combine this and the lock above for Fort Knox like security on your moped!

This system works by essentially making your throttle and brakes useless by clamping together the brake and throttle.

Removing the device without the key will cause damage to the moped’s throttle and brakes, rendering the moped pretty much useless.

It’s an interesting device, and has bags of detterent appeal about it, and is relatively cheap to purchase.

It now also comes with a small carry case that can be stored under seat or in back packs. A highly recommended lock for your moped.

You can buy it on by clicking here.

3. H&S HEAVY DUTY Motorcycle Motorbike Chain Lock PadLock

It’s essentially the same product as our number one best moped security lock – but supersized.

This H&S Heavy Duty Moped Lock chain is thicker (10mm diameter compared to 6mm), bulkier and longer than our top choice, but is nearly 3x the price.

It still has 5 keys, and is still protected by the nylon sheathing (which also protects from rust).

So this really does come down to your own risk management and budget restrictions.

If you leave or park your moped in high crime areas, or your moped is a more premium brand, then we recommend this one over our first choice.

Do take note that this is thicker and longer than our number one, so it is much heavier, and more bulky.

You can buy it on by clicking here.

Moped thefts – UK Statistics

Approximately 40,000 motorcycles are stolen every year in the UK –  with mopeds making up just over 30% of that figure, according to Niblefins study on moped and motorcycle thefts.

Compare that to cars, where around 75,000 are stolen every year, and it doesn’t sound that bad.

That’s until you realise that there’s around 1 million motorcycles on the road, and 33 million cars.

best security locks for mopeds

And the reason is very simple. With most motorcycles (and specifically mopeds), there’s very little security compared to a car.

With many cheap mopeds, simply twist the handlebars hard enough and you’ll easily break the standard steering lock. Because mopeds are so light, the offender can then easily just walk away with the moped, usually taking it to better cover to hot start the engine or even turn the ignition over using something like a screwdriver.

With all this in mind then, it makes total sense to invest a few pounds in additional security measures to improve the security of your moped.

Deter Theft

If somebody was intent on stealing your moped, then they would probably find a way of defeating whatever security measures you implement. Even with the best moped security lock in the world on your moped, a determined criminal would find a way around the security fetures – as with absolutely anything that you will try and secure and make theft proof.

As with most security measures though, it’s all about deterring, and adding additional layers of security where possible.

A would be thief will nearly always choose the path of least resistance (the easiest way, in other words), so just imagine this following scenario.

There’s two identical mopeds parked next to each other in a deserted car park.

Moped A has an additional security device of a chain and lock.

Moped B has nothing that is identifiable as additional security.

Which one will the thief try and steal?

As I always say on this site, no singular security measure will stop a determined thief, it’s all about making it as hard and as annoying as possible – so hard and annoying, that they will decide to walk away and find an easier target.

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