Best Weatherproof Padlock (UK Top 3)

The best weatherproof padlock for outdoor use is a padlock that is waterproof, rustproof and highly secure. It’s a padlock that you can use for years to come on your shed, garage, sidegate or outside storage unit, that won’t cause you any trouble with rusting or opening and closing that lock when you need access.

The bad news of course, is there’s no such lock available on the market in the UK, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Such a padlock simply does not exist.

And I say that with years of experience of grappling with ‘weatherproof’ locks that are marketed as weatherproof and rustproof and waterproof. From £10 padlocks, to padlocks that cost £80 a pop.

Because I can confirm, that they all rust eventually when they’ve been exposed to the elements for a certain period of time.

The ones featured further down on this page just take a lot longer for the effects of mother nature to take hold, and you’ll simply need to replace them every 2-3 years, or maybe a little longer depending on your location in the UK and the weather effects your location experiences.

They are outdoor padlocks that will give you at least a couple of years hassle free security, that have been designed specifically for external use.

You’ll find those padlocks listed below, first in a best weatherproof padlock top 3 table, and then in a detailed report on each one in that top 3 table.

I’ll also show you one type of weatherproof padlock that you should absolutely AVOID.

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Best Weatherproof Padlock (UK Top 3 Table)

For convenience, I’ve listed the best weatherproof padlocks in the table below, as well as a brief outline of key features. I’ll go through each product in detail further on down the page, as well as looking at the pros and cons of each.




  • Master Lock - trusted brand

  • Smart design

  • Moulded Plastic covering

  • Covered key entry

  • Super design

  • Double pack - VFM

  • Plastic covering

  • Covered key entry

  • Trusted brand name

  • 3 pack

  • Superb design

  • Tough and durable

Master Lock Heavy Duty Weatherproof Padlock (WINNER!)

Best for: Side gates, fences, gates, garage and shed doors.

The clear winner is the Master Lock heavy duty padlock.

This is the best option if you are looking for the best weatherproof padlock for outdoor use. It’s one of many I have used personally over the years, and it’s one that has stood the test of time and fared better of time than any other outdoor padlock I’ve used, and it still sits happily on my side gate fully functional and rust free after 18 months.

Admittedly, the one before that started to rust up, perhaps after about 3 years or so, but for the price, it really doesn’t matter.

You can buy this one for the current price and replace every 3 years or so, or buy a cheaper one, and keep replacing it every 3-6 months, and feel a little stupid over all the wasted money. The choice is yours.

Because as I stated, there’s no padlock anywhere that’s going to last you more than 3, maybe 4 years at a psuh, when outside and exposed to the elements.



This is a well designed padlock, that is easy to operate and lock and unlock. It’s well designed because it at least tries to combat the elements with some basic protective layers, such as the moulded plastic wrap that covers the majority of the padlock, and the sheath cover that clips over the key lock to prevent water ingress.

However, as with all padlocks, the hole you insert your key into isn’t the problem when it comes to water ingress, it’s the shackle at the top where the water will feed through, evidenced after time when the seals around the shackle start to degrade and you unclip the keyhole sheath to find water dripping out of the key lock.

And it’s usually at this time where all the damage is done internally to the locking mechanism, as rust will start to accumulate over time, and you’ll find it harder to open and close the shackle, and you’ll find more resistance when locking and unlocking the lock with the key.

Again, this happens with all padlocks over time, it’s just that with the Master Lock Padlock, it takes a lot longer for this to start happening.

It also wins from a security viewpoint too. It has a boron-carbide shackle, which is generally tougher than the usual steel construction of such padlocks (which basically means it’s much tougher to cut or break), it has a 4 pin cyclinder barrel (which means it is tougher to pick) and it has a double ball bearing mechanism (which means it’s harder to prise open).

And lastly, it’s made by Master Lock, which has been going for 102 years and counting at the current time of writing.

All of this, along with the excelent price, means this is the best weatherproof padlock you can buy for outdoor use in the UK at this present time.

You can check the latest price and buy the Master lock on here: Master Lock Padlock

Diyife Weatherproof Padlock (2nd Place)

Best for: Storage boxes, low value storage units, ladders.

This is the 2nd best weatherproof padlock you can buy for outdoor use in the UK. It’s the Diyife Padlock.

And I mean, this runs the Master Lock offering above very close indeed. Give it another year, and this could be in number one position, and it could be crowned the very best weatherproof padlock for external use.

I use one of these on an outdoor storage box. I’ve only had it since last summer, but so far, so good.

And I put a lot of that down to the design, especially the design of the shackle.

Because this shackle tries to solve the problem I illustrated above, where water ingress is via gaps in the shackle edge and the edge of the shackle insert. This design has a lip on the edge, encouraging water away from the inside of the lock -which can only be a good thing.

It’s good for longevity, but I’m unsure if it’s good for security.

Because the shackle insert is very short (the part that fits down into the frame of the lock to lock) in my opinion, and wouldn’t take too much force to break it open, especially as it only has one single ball bearing which in itself, makes it easier to prise open.

And it is the reason why it’s on my garden storage box, rather than on a shed door or side gate.

Does anything else let this padlock down then? Well, yes. And it’s the main reason why it’s in 2nd place:

The keys.

The keys are small, and they feel flimsy. When the rust does start to set in, and I have to put a little more pressure on the key to turn the key, I can imagine that they would bend or snap. I can’t confirm that, but comparing the difference between the Master Lock key and the Diyife keys, there is a small gap in quality.

Nevertheless, this is an excellent outdoor padlock, with a great design, and at a very affordable price. And not forgetting you are getting two padlocks here for this price, too.

You can check the latest price and buy the Diyife on here: Diyife Padlock

Yale Padlock (3rd Place)

Best for: Sheds, garages, side gates or gates.

The Yale padlock is in 3rd when it comes to the best weatherproof padlock for outdoor use.

Don’t for one minute think this is a bad padlock. On the contary, it’s an excellent padlock, by an excellent, well known, well trusted brand that functions superbly as an outdoor padlock.

The main reason why it’s in 3rd place? It’s a pack of three. I don’t actually need three padlocks, but if you do need three padlocks, you could be onto a winner (A single lock option was not available at the time of publication).

This weatherproof padlock comes with all the good stuff you would associate with a trusted brand like Yale. EN certification, which means it has been independently verified to withstand various attacks such as cutting and prising, a 5 pin cyliner to proetct against lock picking, and a durable waterproof body to reduce the effects of water corrosion and rusting.

It’s all here, and it’s exactly what i would come to expect from a Yale product.

The pricing for me though, is a bit of an issue. yes, you are getting a Yale, but you are paying almost double or triple the cost of my forst two picks.

Some may be fine with that, but at times when the cost of living crisis is biting many people at the moment, spending three times as much on these locks compared to other padlocks may be too much for some people.

But nevertheless, these are great padlocks from a terrific company with a proven track record in the home security arena.

You can check the latest price and buy the Yale Weatherproof Padlock on here: Yale Padlock

What Should You Use Outdoor Padlocks On?

In essence, anything that you don’t want a criminal stealing, or anywhere you don’t want a criminal accessing.

So this will include:

  • Garden storage boxes or units.
  • Sheds.
  • Garages.
  • Gates or side gates.
  • Ladders.
  • Anything else that you think needs securing outside.

Why Do Padlocks Rust And Fail?

In short, a padlock will fail over time because water gets into the inner mechanisms of the lock. Over time, this leads to rusting conditions, and over time, rust on rust will start making the opening and closing of the padlock, as well as the locking and unlocking of the padlock harder and harder.

If you leave it and don’t replace it, the rust will start flaking off internally, and one day you will find you will turn the key in the lock, and it simply won’t turn enough to enable the pins to move into the correct position.

best weatherproof padlock waterproof

Extending The Life Of Your Padlock

Of course, there’s a couple of things you can do to extend the lifetime of your padlock.

I have seen some people using mini shelter for ther locks, especially on garden gates or side gates.

This would be a DIY project, with the need for a couple of small pieces of wood, some screws, a handsaw and 20minutes of your time. And essentially, what it is, is a mini shelter or shield that helps protect the lock from water directly hitting it.

I’ve also seen people using one of these below, especially on side gates and on some garage and shed doors. Simply screw it into place and it acts as a rain cover for your padlock.

Although it wasn’t designed for such use, it is made of plastic, can be easily screwed into position, and is a little easier than making one yourself (click the below image to see more).


What I Do Not Recommend

The best weatherproof padlock is most definitely not a padlock that has a combination lock on it.

These combination padlocks will fail very quickly, because what happens is water has more entry points into the inner workings of the lock.

Best weatherproof padlock uk top 3

Whatever you do, I suggest NOT buying a combination lock for outdoor use.


If you buy a padlock for outdoor use, and it’s not specifically designed for outdoor use, then expect the product lifetime to be somewhere in the region of 3-6 months.

Buy one of the outdoor padlocks above, and expect the lifetime to be around 2-3 years.

Buying a padlock that has not been specifically designed for outdoor use will lead you to a world of pain (I’ve been there many years ago trying to break off a rusted padlock to enable me to get access to my garage), so do make sure you buy a padlock that is suitable.

And for convenience, here’s the best weatherproof padlock top 3 table for you once again:




  • Master Lock - trusted brand

  • Smart design

  • Moulded Plastic covering

  • Covered key entry

  • Super design

  • Double pack - VFM

  • Plastic covering

  • Covered key entry

  • Trusted brand name

  • 3 pack

  • Superb design

  • Tough and durable

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