What Is A Door Jammer?

What is a door jammer? Maybe you’ve heard of the term before, or maybe you have stumbled across door jammers in shops or online, but what is a door jammer, what do they do, and are they effective?

We’ll answer all of those questions and more in this article.

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What Is A Door Jammer?

A door jammer is a physical security device that is placed between a door and a solid surface to prevent the opening of a door. Door jammers can be used on swing, sliding and folding doors. Door jammers add an extra layer of security on top of traditional locking mechanisms.

It’s similar to positioning heavy furniture in front of a door to prevent that door being opened.

A door jammer can quickly be deployed on a door, and can equally be quickly removed.

A door jammer is placed on the inside of a door to prevent people getting in, and is both a deterrent and last line of defence if traditional security measures (like locks) are breached.

What Is A Door Jammer Used For?

I still don’t get it. What is a door jammer, and what does it look like?

Door jammers come in various designs, shapes and sizes, but the most simple and practical design is this type below.

Merriway BH02509 Heavy Duty Non-Slip Rubber Door Wedge Stopper 120 x 20 x 35mm Grey
  • Ideal for round the home and commercial properties
  • Non slip high grip rubber composition

Yes, it’s that simple! A wedge.

These are only for use on doors where there is a slight gap at the bottom of the door and where the bottom of the door is almost flush with the floor (no good on some doors, due to no gap, or having slight lips on the door frame).

Our next example is more versatile, and it can be used on any door with a handle or on any set of sliding doors.

Defender Door Brace - Adjustable Security Door Bar - Portable Non Slip Telescopic Locking Pole - Door Stop Jammer for French Patio Sliders
996 Reviews
Defender Door Brace – Adjustable Security Door Bar – Portable Non Slip Telescopic Locking Pole – Door Stop Jammer for French Patio Sliders
  • RAPID DEPLOYMENT SECURITY DOOR BAR – A rapid deployment security bar that fits most sliding and hinged doors, to prevent forced entry.
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME – The security bar is ideal in an emergency to help delay a forced break in, allowing the victim time to alert the police. The door brace has a high tolerance, withstanding up to 250kg of force.

It’s versatile because it can fit under a door handle and placed against a floor using the hook grip, but the grip can also be removed to allow it to be used in the runners of sliding patio doors, for example.

But the one above is the most practical because it requires no tools or any other DIY knowledge to install – simply place it in your desired location, either lying across runners of a patio door or against a door handle, and you are good to go.

What Doors Can I Use A Door Jammer On?

You can use door jammers on the following doors, provided you purchase the correct type of door jammer:

  • Front doors.
  • Porch doors.
  • Sliding patio doors.
  • Bi folding patio doors.
  • Internal doors.

Yes, door jammers can be even be used on internal doors. They are ideal to be used on seperation doors that lead from one part of the house to another.

However, their best use is on external doors like front doors and rear doors.

Are Door Jammers Effective?

Door jammers are highly effective against break ins because even if the lock mechanism was defeated, trying to open the door is impossible because there is a physical device stopping the door being opened.

The only way to get in, would be to break the door down or smash the glass.

what is a door jammer used for. door jammers explained

Some door jammers can be seen to be a deterrent, whilst other door jammers can be seen as a last line of defence.

For example, door jammers that are placed along runners on sliding patio doors can be seen from the outside – a great deterrent. But some can’t be seen, so act more like a last line of defence.

Are Door Jammers Difficult To Install?

Most door jammers can be installed within a few seconds – it’s simply a case of unboxing them, reading the instructions, and placing them weherever you deem them necessary.

You don’t need any specialist tools, you don’t need any DIY knowledge and you don’t need to have any DIY skills.

Unbox and deploy, and you’ve improved your home security in seconds.

Do I Need A Door Jammer?

A door jammer will give you additional peace of mind and security. It’s a cheap and easy way to double up the security of your home, for minimal effort.

I highly recommend you buy a door jammer for at least the doors at the rear of your property.

Patio doors, sliding doors and bi-fold doors are some of the easiest doors to break into, and by using a door jammer you are effectively doubling up your security and making it harder for those with criminal intentions to break into your home.

The Negative Side Of Door Jammers

There is some negativse when it comes to using door jammers.

If you buy a door jammer to fit into the runner of a sliding patio door for example, first of all you’re going to need to close and lock the patio door with the key, as usual.

You’ve then got an extra task – grabbing the door jammer and placing it between the closed portion of the door and the opposite frame, costing you a few more seconds.

The same can be said for opening the sliding door – first you’ll need to remove the door jammer, then unlock and open the door.

It’s an extra few seconds at the most, but some might see this as a hassle.

Another negative is that not all doors can be secured using a door jammer when you leave your home – you have of course, got to be on the inside in the first place to secure the door jammer, and you have of course, got to leave at least one door without a jammer so you can get back in!

My Doors Are Not Suitable For A Door Jammer

If your doors are not compatible with any of the door jammers mentioned here, you might need a special locking mechanism that secures both handles together.

These locks work if you have double doors that lead into the garden for example, where when closed, both handles are opposite each other.

See our article here on The Best Door Locking Mechanism For Double Doors.

A Word On Fire Safety

Fire safety in your home is really important.

If you are using a door jammer, for example, on a rear patio sliding door, it’s important that all family members know about it, and how to remove it in the event of a fire.

The last thing you want for you and your family is for there to be a fire, and in sheer panic, someone can’t get out of the patio doors because they believe they are stuck closed – when in fact there is a jammer in the way of them opening it.

Things like this should be made clear in your fire escape plan.

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