Best Window Alarm Sensors (UK Top 3)

Window alarm sensors are becoming a popular security measure in the UK, mainly because such devices are cheap, easy to fit, and are a huge deterrent when it comes to protecting your home against unauthorised access via a window by burglars, thieves and criminals.

In this article, I’ll go through why a window alarm sensor is a good home security option, we’ll look at some eye opening stats on burglary entry points, and we’ll look at 3 of the best window alarm sensors you can use on your windows for the ultimate peace of mind and protection.

It’s also worth pointing out that the window alarm sensors looked at in this article are also suitable for doors too.

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Best Window Alarm Sensors (UK Top 3 Table)

For quickness and convenience, I’ve included the results table at the top of the page, along with the main features and a link to each product.




  • Easy to install and operate

  • Battery operated

  • 4 modes

  • Loud 120dB alarm

  • Smart capability + app

  • Reasonably priced

  • Easy to install

  • Loud 105 dB alarm

  • Affordable

  • 6 pack

  • Easy to install

  • 90dB alarm

You can find out more about each individual window sensor, and the criteria I have used in this table by reading the rest of the article and going through the pros and cons of each window sensor.

NOTE: I talk about this through almost every article I write, but as a gentle reminder: window and door sensor alarms are almost the last in a line of deterrents.

Once someone is at your window or door, you’ve almost lost.

The trick is for them not to be at your window or door in the first place.

For example, before considering purchasing these alarms, what is the state of the lighting in your gardens at night?

If it’s pitch black, then you are almost inviting people to burgle or break into your home. Good solid lighting can be the difference between a criminal choosing your home to break into, or walking past your home altogether.

Good home security actually starts from the roadside outside your home, so what I’m saying here is simple: if your other security arrangements aren’t quite up to scratch, spend the money on other security measures before committing to buying window and door sensors, and defend your home from criminals from the street – not your front door or window.


I have these Secrui alarms installed on all of my wide opening ground level windows.

They are suitable for both windows and doors.

And they are superb, and some of the best window alarm sensors/best door alarm snsors money can buy.

They are superb because they are easy to install (2 minutes per alarm), they are relatively cheap, they are extremely loud, they have 4 functions for different purposes, can also be used on doors and they are small and white, so they are not overly obtrusive.


In detail then, these come in 2 or 4 packs, with or without a remote control (I don’t have the remote control).

They come well packaged with clear instructions on how to install them.

They come with sticky adhesive pads which allow you to stick the alarms directly onto your window frames without the need for screws or anything like that, meaning even the most DIY averse homeowner can install on their own without drama.

Once you’ve stuck them in place, you can set the alarms to operate however you want.

There’s 4 modes, which can be changed through cycing the side button until you reach the desired mode.

These modes are straight forward alarm (high pitch alarm when the contact points are moved i.e when a window or door is opened), doorbell mode, (similar to some small shops, you’ll hear a tone when you enter the shop to alert the shop assistant someone has enetered the shop), alarm mode 2, which will alarm but then stop when the window or door is shut, and mode 4 which will start beeping if a door or window is left open.

There’s also a switch on the other side to turn the alarm on or off. There’s a good video here that shows all of these alarm modes, and the sounds the alarm makes


  • Cheap, and easy to install.
  • Can be used on windows or doors.
  • Different alarm modes, and a switch to turn the sensor off completely.
  • Modes can be used for safety – for example, letting you know if a child has opened a door.

Removing the security aspect of these alarms, they can also be used for safety – little children love to explore and go where they shouldn’t, so these alarms would be perfect to alert you to the fact that your child has opened a door.


  • Each alarm requires 2x AAA batteries – which are not supplied.
  • No spare adhesive pads.
  • Adhesive may lose stickiness if near to radiator.

These are great window and door alarm sensors, at an attractive price.

I fully recommend them.


This Tuya Smart Alarm is another product I own, love and rate highly.

I have this on my garage door, but they work on windows too.


I love these alarm sensors because I cannot see my garage door, and probably won’t hear an alarm, however, the fact that this links in with Wifi and I receive an alert on my phone makes this an incredibly good purchase for a very reasonable price (assuming you’d like smart capabilities).

These of course can be used on either windows or doors, and can be linked through the app so you always know the status of your doorsand windows – even if you’re out.

They are easy to install – simply affix with the supplied adhesive pads, and get the triangles aligned, and you’re set to go.

If I remember rightly, I did have trouble getting these linked, and the solution was to go into my router settings, and temporarily set my wifi frequency to 2.4ghz only – when setup, I reset my router frequency back to 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

But that was the end of my troubles, and since then I’ve not had a problem. Batteries are also included which is a nice touch (and less expense), and these aare really good door or alarm sensors for your home with the added benefit of smart capabilities built in.


  • Links to your smart phone for and alerts you remotely.
  • Can be paired with a smart hub such as Alexa or Google Home for notifications.
  • Easy to install, and can be installed on doors or windows.
  • Batteries included.


  • You might need to change router settings to 2.4ghz on initial setup, then turn back to normal after setup is complete.
  • No spare adhesive pads.

These are good smart alarms at a very good price, and come highly reommended.


These Twshiny window alarm sensors are no frills window/door alarm sensors for your home, and they do what it says on the tin.

They emit a loud, 90dB alarm when the contact points are broken (i.e the door or window is opened).


There’s no app, no additional modes, simply some very good alarms at a great price – and with six in a pack, if you’re on a tight budget these simple alarms are a great buy.


  • Easy to install, cheap and cheerful.
  • 6 pack gives superb value for money.
  • Stickers to warn of alarm in use (nice deterrent).
  • Batteries included.


  • Cheap feel to the plastic.
  • No additional modes.

If you’re on a budget, then these alarms represent great value for money.

Best Window Alarm – The Criteria Used

I’ve used 3 main pieces of criteria to come to the conclusion of the top 3 window alarm sensors, and these criteria were:

A. Aesthetics. Most window frames are white. Whislt security is important, it’s also important not to have your security equipment overly intrusive and obvious, so the smaller the better and the whiter the better. Nobody wants a big hunk of coloured plastic attached the the edges of their windows.

B. Installation. The easier the installation, the better.

C. Cost. A window alarm sensor should be cheap and low cost.


A window alarm on it’s own will not prevent a criminal gaining unauthorised access into your home via a window or door.

best window alarm best door alarm uk

Like everything I recommend on this website, your security arrangements must be layered to target harden your property and build defence in depth.

No one single piece of security equipment is going to offer 100% protection, but building layer upon layer of security elements will make it harder for someone to break in, and even deter them from even attempting to break in, in the first place.

I’ve talked about layered security as well as ways to improve home security in other articles already, so all I will say here is this: a burglar may well be startled at the fact they hear a high pitched audible alarm when breaking in through a window or door that has one of these alarms installed.

It may be the difference between them running away when hearing this alarm, or continuing on and eetring your property.

And when you look at the cost vs benefit argument, these are low cost items that can be easily installed by anyone, so in my opinion, they are a good purchase at a low pricepoint, with lots of benefits.

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