Outdoor Key Safe (UK Top 3)

An outdoor key safe is a modern equivalent of leaving a spare key under a plant pot or a doormat, except it is a much more secure way of storing spare keys.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, leaving your spare front door key under the plant pot is not safe and is definitely not secure, and increases the risk of you becoming the victim of a burglary without the need for a criminal to break in.

And don’t mention the fact that when you tell your home insurance company, the likelihood is that they are going to refuse any payout on the basis of your own negligence.

So purchasing an outdoor key safe is highly recommended, especially if you or other family members are prone to forgetting their keys.

In this article, I’m going to look at key safes that can be installed outside of your home. I’m also going to be looking at the best key safes you can buy, and where you should install them, as well as listing the many benefits an outdoor key safe brings.

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What Is An Outdoor Key Safe?

An outdoor key safe is a strong mechanical metal box in which you can securely store keys to your doors. Key safes are typically installed into brick or concrete on the outside of your property, and your keys are accessed by a combination code.

Outdoor Key Safe (Top 3 Table)

For convenience, I’ve listed the best outdoor key safes in the table below, as well as a brief outline of key features. I’ll go through each product in detail further down the page, as well as looking at the pros and cons of each.





  • Trusted Master Lock brand

  • Cheap & easy to install

  • Combination lock

  • Slide up cover


  • Trusted Master Lock brand

  • No installation required

  • Portable

  • Fleible shackle design


  • Trusted Master Lock brand

  • Large opening

  • Easy to install

  • Ideal for multple keys

(1st Place) Master Lock Key Safe

In first place comes the Master Lock outdoor key safe.

And it’s in 1st place for the following simple reasons: it’s from a trusted brand, it’s reasonably priced, it’s easy to install, and it has a combination lock protected by a waterproof shutter.

This outdoor key lock box is designed to be screwed in against a surface (like brick or wood), giving it the security and stability to ensure it stays on the wall.

You’ll need a drill to install it, but all fixtures and fittings are included, including 4 rawl plugs and 4 screws.

Entry to the key lock box is through a 4 digit combination code of your choosing (full instructions on how to set it up is included in the box). Simply dial the numbers around to the correct sequence, and the door will open out and downwards, revealing the contents.

To secure it again, simply close the door, and then move the numbers into a random place.

It’s a simple product that does an amazing job of securing your spare keys.

Best Key Safe!

Master lock key safe

Ingenious design, crazy low price

From a trusted brand in the security industry, Master lock comes up trumps with this easy to fit, clever key lock box which is opened via a 4 digit combination lock.

Check Amazon Price >

I have one of these boxes, and I use it for emergencies, but I mainly use it to store my key when I go out for a run – I don’t want to risk losing my key when out running, so this box is perfect for that use case.

The shutter on the front protects the dials from the elements – simply slide the shutter up, and the weatherproof shutter will protect these numeric dials from rain, dust and other contaminants.

The body of this outdoor key safe is made from toughened metal, with a plastic outer shell to protect from rust and water ingress.

This is an excellent outdoor key safe, from a trusted brand, and comes highly recommended.

You can check the price or purchase this at Amazon.co.uk by clicking here: Master Lock Key Safe

(2nd Place) Master Lock Shackle Safe

In 2nd place is another Master Lock product – this time, with no installation or drilling required.

However, before purchasing this key safe, do ensure you have somewhere suitable to use it, as the shackle is designed to be placed around a solid object, like a rail or something similar.

Due to its design, it’s also portable – ideal to take with you when the need arises.

Once again, entry to this key safe is via a 4-digit combination lock. Twist the dials into the correct sequence, and the key safe will snap open. To lock it, twist the numeric dials to a random number, and it’s locked.

There’s a shutter on the front of the key safe which clips up and over the dials to protect them from rain and the potential for rust.

2nd Place!

Master lock shackle safe

Portable, flexible & no installation required

No drilling is required with this shackle lock, simply attach shackle around a solid object, and you have yourself a secure key safe.

Check Amazon Price >

Whilst this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, this is a very capable key safe, and as long as you have somewhere solid to wrap the shackle around, then this is ideal, especially if you don’t fancy drilling holes into the exterior of your home.

You can check the price or purchase this at Amazon.co.uk by clicking here: Master Lock Shackle

(3rd Place) Master Lock XL

Wrapping up a clean sweep of 1-2-3 positions then, is my third and final Master Lock outdoor key safe.

This is essentially a much larger version of the Master Lock key box that is in number 1 position, except this holds more items, including car keys and car fobs.

Installation is easy, but does require a drill to make 4 small holes. All fixtures and fittings are included.

Again, this has a cover which keeps the elements away from the combination dials.

3rd Place!

master lock xl key safe

Spacious key safe

Similar to the Master Lock safe in first place, this key safe enables you to store additional keys including car keys – perfect for bigger families who car share.

Check Amazon Price >

One small concern I do have with this product is if you are using this to store a car key that features keyless entry, because if the key box is installed near to the car, thieves could potentially commit relay theft, so it’s advisable to use a RFID protection.

This is best suited to large families or for other uses, such as business use, but comes recommended.

You can check the price or purchase this at Amazon.co.uk by clicking here: Master Lock XL

Where Should I Install An Outdoor Key Safe?

There’s two schools of thought here.

  1. Install your outdoor key safe box in a place that is visible from the street or road.
  2. Install your outdoor key safe box in a place that isn’t visible from the street or road.

And here’s the thought process behind each of them.

best outdoor key safe

If you install your key box where it is visible from the street or road you live on, then there’s less chance of someone trying to break into it or tamper with it, because they are in full view of the road.

If you install it somewhere that’s not visible, there’s more chance of someone trying to break into it or tamper with it.

However, if it’s hidden from view, and nobody but you and your family knows about it, then there’s probably less chance of someone tampering with it simply because they don’t know about it.

So the choice is yours.

A lot of people will install it right next to their door, however, I’m in the school of thought that says a key safe should be installed out of sight, because the temptation of some criminals might be just too much to ignore.

How Do I Install A Key Safe?

For most key safes, you’ll need to fix it to the wall, which means drilling the necessary holes into the exterior of your property.

For this, you’ll need:

  • A drill with appropriate drill bit.
  • Protective eye protection.

This is a fairly simple job even for those not keen on DIY, and all the key boxes in this article have screws and rawl plugs included. they also already have the holes cut in the backplate, which means measuring and aligning the holes is straight forward.

10 Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Key Safe

outdoor key safe lock box uk

Using an outdoor key safe can be incredibly beneficial, and I’m here to highlight some of the key advantages in a friendly and informative way:

  • Convenience: An outdoor key safe provides you with a convenient way to securely store spare keys outside your home. No more fumbling for keys or worrying about getting locked out. If you’re going out and don’t want to take your front door key for fear of losing it, simply store it in your key box.
  • Emergency Access: Imagine you’re away on holiday, and a friend or family member needs to access your home in case of an emergency. With a key safe, you can grant them access without having to physically hand over a key or make complicated arrangements.
  • Home Sharing: If you use services like Airbnb or have a trusted house-sitter/dog sitter, an outdoor key safe is a fantastic way to provide them with easy access to your home. It ensures a smooth experience for both you and your guests or visitors.
  • Increased Security: Quality key safes are designed to be tamper-resistant and can protect your keys from unauthorised access. They’re a great way to keep your keys safe from potential theft.
  • Avoid Lockouts: Ever been locked out of your own home? It’s not a fun experience. An outdoor key safe is your safety net, ensuring you always have a way back in, even if you accidentally leave your keys inside.
  • Weather Resistance: Most outdoor key safes are built to withstand various weather conditions, so your spare keys stay safe and functional, no matter the elements.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a secure, accessible backup in case of lockouts, emergencies, or unexpected situations can give you peace of mind, reducing stress and making your daily life more worry-free.
  • No Need for Hiding: Hiding keys under a doormat, flowerpot, or similar common spots is not a secure practice. An outdoor key safe offers a much safer alternative.
  • Easy Installation: Many key safes are straightforward to install – however most require a drill to install.
  • Cost-Effective: When you consider the peace of mind and convenience it offers, an outdoor key safe is a relatively low-cost investment for the security and accessibility it provides.

So, whether it’s for emergencies, sharing access, or just for peace of mind, an outdoor key safe can be a valuable addition to your home.


An outdoor key safe is ideal for families who lead busy lives. It gives peace of mind that if someone in the family is for whatever reason locked out of the house, there is a spare key just a combination code away.

And it’s much better to store spare keys in this sort of device, than leaving a key out under a rock, plant pot or under a door mat.

I fully recommend a key safe box, especially if you have older children who come home when there’s nobody else at home – trust me, it will save you from leaving work and driving all the way home just to let them in because they’ve lost or forgot their key.

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