How To Find A Neighbourhood Watch Near Me

In this article, we take a look at the Neighbourhood Watch scheme, what it’s all about, how to find a Neighbourhood Watch Schemes near to you, and even how you can set up your own neighbourhood watch or become a volunteer.

What Is Neighbourhood Watch?

A lot of people believe Neighbourhood Watch is all about twitching curtains and gossip.

That could not be further from the truth.

First of all, did you realise that Neighbour Watch is actually a charity?

Yes, that’s right, Neighbourhood Watch is a registered charity that helps people all across the UK deal with crime prevention advice, theft, rural crime, and cyber crime to name just a few.

Set up initially in 1982, Neighbourhood Watch schemes are run for communities, by communities.

Volunteers help co-ordinate everything from free crime prevention sessions, to leading community focussed activities such as organised litter picks and community events.

Here’s some other stuff they do:

  • Crime prevention advice
  • Crime prevention talks
  • Fighting domestic abuse
  • Dog theft advice
  • Advice on scams
  • Terrorism
  • Car crime
  • Child exploitation

From their own website, Neighbour Watch has the following motto:

We believe in the power of neighbours working together to build safer, vibrant and inclusive communities, help prevent crime and make a positive, sustainable difference in communities.

Are Neighbourhood Watch Schemes Effective Against Crime?

You’ll have no doubt at some point in your life gone down a road and seen the following signs:

neighbourhood watch near me

This is the first aim of these Neighbourhood Watch Schemes: to deter.

Imagine being a criminal walking along and seeing these signs? Yes, it may not have the desired effect, but it still plants a seed of doubt that a neighbourhood watch scheme operates in the area.

The importance of signage should not be underestimated.

But apart from that visual deterrent, it also symbolises the fact that people in that area are more clued up about crime prevention than in other areas; maybe they hold meetings occassionally, maybe they have crime prevention initiatives.

The fact is, seeing signs like this is better than seeing no signs at all, and it does state to some degree that the residents of this particular area are better equipped and have better knowledge of crime prevention techniques than neighbourhoods that aren’t part of the scheme.

How To Find A Neighbourhood Watch Near Me

If you are wondering how to find a neighbourhood watch near me, then you can use a very simple tool on the website to find your nearest scheme.

Simply enter your postcode on this page here, and you’ll find details of schemes near to where you live.

from the same page, you can also volunteer your services in a variety of different ways to help make your neighbourhood safer, more secure and more inclusive for everyone.

You don’t need to do anything though. The Neighbourhood Watch site also provides excellent resources and advice from everything to do with burglary to dog crime, to child exploitation issues.

Working In Partnership

It’s also worth pointing out that Neighbourhood Watch schemes work closely with local police forces and local agencies in the detection and prevention of crime.

These partnerships are essential in keeping communities and neighbourhoods feel safe, involved and reassured.

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