Child Safety Week 2023 – What’s the Big Deal?

Child Safety Week is almost upon us once again in the UK, so I thought I’d write a short article on the benefits of having child safety week, and the issues and awareness that it can bring to the table for everyone involved with the caring of children.

In the article, you’ll find out why child safety week is important, and what role the Child Accident Prevention Trust plays in cchild safety week and child safety in general.

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When Is Child Safety Week?

Child Safety Week is an annual event that runs from the 7th June to the 11th of June 2023 in the UK.

What Is Child Safety Week & What’s It All About?

Child Safety Week is a designated week every year when organisations, parents, and caregivers come together to raise awareness about the importance of child safety.

This event is especially crucial because it highlights the dangers that children can face in everyday situations and provides practical advice on how to keep them safe.

child safety week uk

Child Safety Week was first launched in 2001 by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), a charity organization that is dedicated to reducing the number of children who are killed or injured in accidents.

The main goal of Child Safety Week is to raise awareness about the risks that children face and to provide information and advice on how to prevent accidents.

The importance of Child Safety Week cannot be overstated.

Every year, thousands of children are injured or killed in accidents that could have been prevented.

Just for example, in 2022, 45,000 0-5 year olds were admitted to hospital due to some type of injury, with 75% of those injuries occurring at home.

The most frustrating part of this, is the fact that the majority of these accidents, if not all of them, could have been prevented.

These accidents can occur in many different situations, from playing outside to riding in a car to playing indoors.

By raising awareness about the risks and providing practical advice on how to prevent accidents, Child Safety Week helps to keep children safe.

One of the main issues that Child Safety Week highlights is the importance of supervision.

Children need supervision at all times, especially when they are young.

Parents and caregivers need to be aware of the risks that their children face and take steps to prevent accidents from happening. This can include keeping a close eye on children when they are playing outside, ensuring that they are wearing appropriate safety gear, and teaching them about the dangers of certain activities.

Another issue that Child Safety Week highlights is the importance of safety equipment.

Children should always wear appropriate safety gear when they are engaging in activities such as cycling, rollerblading, or skateboarding. This can include helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. By wearing safety gear, children can reduce their risk of injury if they fall or have an accident.

Child Safety Week also emphasises the importance of education.

Children need to be taught about the risks that they face and how to stay safe. This can include teaching them about road safety, water safety, and fire safety. Parents and caregivers can also teach children about the dangers of playing with certain objects or engaging in certain activities.

Of course, Child Safety Week also looks at and highlights other ways in which we, as parents or caregivers, can ensure the safety of our children by offering practical advice on how to safety proof our homes to reduce the risk of accidents, like making our kitchen safe for kids, safety products that childminders should consider, preventing children from falling out of bed and how to prevent them from having accidents on the stairs.


In summary, Child Safety Week is a crucial event that highlights the importance of keeping children safe.

By raising awareness about the risks that children face and providing practical advice on how to prevent accidents, Child Safety Week helps to reduce the number of children who are injured or killed in accidents.

As parents (and a parent myself), caregivers, and members of the community, it is our responsibility to ensure that children are safe at all times.

By raising awareness of Child Safety Week, organisations and caregivers can work together to keep our children safe and make this year’s Child Safety Week a central focus, helping to reduce accidents, injuries and even death.

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