6 Benefits Of Having A Home Safe

There are many benefits of having a home safe, with very few negatives.

Modern safes are inexpensive, easy to install, and range in size from holding a few pieces of jewellery to holding things like laptops, cameras and important documents.

The benefits of having a home safe (ANY home safe, regardless of price or brand or perceived value), is exponentially more beneficial than having no safe at all.

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6 Benefits Of Having A Home Safe

Lets run through every benefit quickly, starting with the most obvious benefit of having a safe protecting your valuables:

#1. A Place to Store Valuables

No longer will you need to hide valuables in the bottom of a sock drawer, in the biscuit tin or hidden in the fridge.

You will now have a specific, go to place where you can store all types of valuable possessions like jewellery, cameras, laptops, cash, collections as well as things like important documents, passports and other types of identification.

They are especially handy when going away for the weekend, going away on holiday or when your travelling with work. But many people will use them on a day to day basis.

I also know a stamp collector who has his entire collection of stamps in a safe.

They are his pride and joy, and he wants to protect them as much as he can.

He once came home to discover someone had broken into his home through his patio doors, but because his entire stamp collection was stored in a locked safe, his collection was protected.

In fact, the evidence suggested that they found the safe, and they didn’t even attempt to break into it.

That’s the power of a safe in your home.

#2. Peace of Mind

When I go abroad on holiday, a huge factor in determining which hotel I stay in is the availability of an in room safe.

If the hotel doesn’t offer an in room safe, I will not stay at that hotel.

And it becomes habit, whenever I leave the hotel room, I ensure that any valuables and cash is stored in the safe, and the safe is fully secure before I leave the room.

It’s peace of mind.

I go out and enjoy my day with the knowledge that any valuable possessions along with any passports and money are safe and secure.

benefits of having a home safe

The same can be said for a home safe.

Peace of mind is a massive benefit of having a home safe, because you know if the worst happens, and your home is broken into, then anything valuable has got an extra layer of security and protection behind it.

#3. Delaying Tactic

I’ve already said that having any type of safe, no matter its price, is exponentially better than having no safe at all.

Because a safe is a delaying tactic.

In the event of a break in, it is much easier for an instruder to rifle through drawers and cupboards and jewellery boxes and pocket your valuables – than it is to break into a safe.

Breaking into any safe requires time.

The average length of time a burglary takes is between 8-12 minutes.

It’s an expected time frame, because common sense says to anyone that the longer an intruder stays within your property, the greater the chance of that intruder being caught and apprehended is.

So they want to be in and out quickly.

And they want to be quiet.

Breaking into a safe goes against those tactics – it’s time consuming and will potentially be quite noisy, which could potentially alert other people (like next door neighbours) that something isn’t quite right.

#4. Insurance Costs May Reduce

Number 4 on the list of benefits of having a home safe, is home insurance.

Some insurers look favourably on homes that have a home safe fitted.

It is always best to ring your insurer and get confirmation of this, as insurers differ in their policies and the grades of safe they require.

Ultimately though, a home safe may reduce your home insurance premiums. Which can only be good news.

*Please check with your insurance provider before purchasing any safe.

#5. Inexpensive

One of the other benefits of having a home safe is that it is not as expensive as you think – you can buy safes from online retailers such as Amazon, and you can get a decent sized one of good quality for under £100.

10 or 20 years ago, safes were very expensive, and not something that a typical British home would have – safes were for the very well off and for business premises.

But now, safes can be bought to fit in with all types of budget, meaning there’s a safe out there for you within your budget.

#6. Last Line Of Defence

Having a safe is the last line of defence, when all other security defences have been breached. And it’s one of the biggest beneifts of having a home safe.

Having a home safe may well be the difference between your valuables being stolen or not; it’s far easier for an intruder to empty a jewellery box into a bag than break into a safe; it’s far easier for a burglar to pocket your investment of gold sovereigns than break into a safe; it’s far easier for a burglar to take your £1000 iPad from the cupboard than to break into a safe.

You get the picture.

Having a safe is a major benefit when the unimaginable happens, and you’re broken into and a thief tries to steal as much high value property as possible.

Benefits Of Having A Safe

You can see then that the benefits of having a home safe are huge.

Modern safes are inexpensive and easy to install yourself, and there really is no reason not to have a safe in your own home.

It is important though, before buying any safe, that all other security arrangements are up to scratch.

Please read our other article about the things you should do before considering buying a home safe, before you go ahead and purchase a safe for your home.

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Stay safe. Stay secure.


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