3 Of The Best Dummy CCTV Cameras For Home

best dummy cctv

The best dummy CCTV cameras to buy are always the ones that look exactly like a real camera, and have no giveaway or tell tale signs that they are fake. The fake CCTV cameras in this article are all relatively cheap (as oppossed to real cameras), and extremely easy to install – all you’ll need …


Are Dummy CCTV Cameras For Home Use Worth It?

dummy cctv

Dummy CCTV cameras for home use can be a great deterrent to deter would be burglars and criminals. It’s highly unlikely that someone would be able to distinguish between a dummy cctv camera and a real one – especially due to the huge range of dummy cctv cameras available out there and the improvement in …


What To Do After A Burglary (Essential Checklist)

Being the victim of a home burglary will be one of the most stressful and upsetting times of your life. Having strangers enter your personal space and rifle through your possessions is a traumatic experience, so this article offers practical advice on what to do after a burglary – this advice will help you on …