Best Water Filter Jug (UK Top 3)

Choosing the best water filter jug for home can be a daunting task; with so many water filter jugs on the market, it can often be confusing and frustrating choosing the right one for you and your family.

Thankfully, this article will look at some of the best water filter jugs you can buy. I’ll also look at why you would buy a water filter jug, the benefits of using one, and some alternatives that you may not have thought about.

I’ll also reveal a cool trick to encourage your children to drink more water too!

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Best Water Filter Jug (UK Top 3)

For convenience, I’ve listed the best water filter jugs in the table below, as well as a brief outline of key features. I’ll go through each product in detail further on down the page, as well as looking at the pros and cons of each.




  • Trusted name

  • 1.4l filtered water

  • 3 month supply filters

  • Easy to use

  • Amazon Basics brand

  • 1.4l filtered water

  • 1 month supply filter

  • Easy to use

  • Aqua Optima Brand

  • 1.2l filter water

  • 12 month supply filters

  • Cheap filters

Pros And Cons Of A Water Filter Jug

Let’s look at some pros and cons of using a water filter jug at home, so you’re aware of all of the factors that you need to take into account before purchasing one for your home.


  • Instant, cheap & quick solution
  • No installation or set up
  • Easy to change filters, easy to use
  • Most are made to fit in the door of a fridge
  • Will improve taste and smell of your water
  • Saves plastic waste from bottled water


  • Limited amount of water can be stored
  • Takes up precious room in the fridge
  • Not as good as an under sink water filter
  • Need to remember to refill the jug
  • Filters need to be replaced periodically
  • Filters can be expensive

It’s definitely worth considering the above pros and cons before your purchase, as this will dictate which route you go down. If you’ve tested your drinking water at home, and the results don’t make good reading, I would also advise you to consider an under sink, water tap filter as an alternative.

However, these tap water filters are more expensive than a water filter jug, but are more of a permanant, robust solution that will do a much better job of improving the quality of your water if you suffer from ‘hard’ water or poor tasting water.

(1st) Britta Marella Water Filter Jug

In first place is a name that is both trusted and well known in this industry: Brita.

The Brita Marella water filter jug comes in 1st place due to it’s versatility, pricing, ease of use and of course – the quality of the filter and the quality of the water it gives.

Brita have been doing this for years, so one could confidently say they are experts when it comes to the manufacture and production of household water filter jugs – in fact, I remember my first water filter jug that I was forced to buy when I moved home 15 or so years ago.

That jug made my water go from something that smelt and tasted like swimming pool water, to water that tasted really good, and eliminating the need to buy bottled water.

And the Marella is no exception. If your water smells a bit ‘off’, or doesn’t taste pleasant, and you’re on a strict budget, then this water filter jug will take away some of those problems asscoiated with bad tasting, bad smelling water.

1st PLACE!

brita marella

Fridge Ready Jug – 1.4 Litres

Filters out chlorine, limescale and other impurities, giving you great tasting water every time straight from your fridge door.

Check Amazon Price >

The MAXTRA filter contains four types of filtraton:

  1. Carbon pearls (or mini balls as some like to call them) will absorb chlorine and some other impurities
  2. Ion exchange pearls will absorb metals and reduce limescale in your kettle providing you run your tap water through the jug before filling up your kettle.
  3. A fine mesh will filter fine particles.
  4. Another fine mesh will eliminate other particles.

Three of these filters are provided, and these filters last up to 4 weeks, so purchasing this will give you a maximum lifetime of 3 months before needing to buy another filter.

Also handy is the lifetime indicator that can be seen from the side of the jug – this will tell you when you need to change your filter, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring you have a filter working at maximum effect every time you pour a glass of water.

Replacement filters are cheap as chips, as well, with a Brita Marella 6 month box of filters coming in at just a few pounds per filter.

To fill up the jug, there’s a flip top lid, similar to most kettles, so there’s no unscrewing the top or anything like that when you need to replinish the water in the jug.

The jug has also been designed ‘flat’, ensuring it will fit on the inside of your fridge door.

This is an excellent, affordable water filter jug made by a trusted company, and comes fully reommended.

You can check the price or purchase this at by clicking here: Brita Marella Jug + Replacement Filters.

(2nd Place) Amazon Basics Jug

In second place is the Amazon basics water filter jug.

Let’s get one thing straight here before proceeding.

This jug was not ‘made’ by Amazon.

It is simply a ‘white label’ product, where another manufacturer has made the jug, and Amazon have paid them to enable them to slap their branding all over it.

And the fact that the water jug will accept the Brita MAXTRA+ filters, means it’s actually made by Brita.

And it’s almost identical to the Brita Marella jug in first place. the only decision you’ll need to make then, is based on cost alone. At the current time of writing, this worked out as more expensive than the Brita jug above, but I have seen it cheaper at times.

So in order to make a good decision, have a look at the prices of both, taking into account that you only get one filter in this package, whereas you get three filters included with the Britta.

2nd PLACE!


White Label Product Made By Brita

Coming under the Amazon Basics unmbrella, this 1.4 litre jug is extremely similar to the Marella jug as above, and offers great tasting water every time.

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Again, there’s not much difference between this jug and the Marella one. It’s the same jug, with 1.4 litres of filtered water available, flip top lid, and fridge door friendly.

It comes recommended as long as it beats the Marella jug on price, otherwise, go for the branded Brita jug above.

You can check the price or purchase this at by clicking here: Amazon Basics Jug + Basics Replacement Filters 6 Pack.

(3rd Place) Aqua Optima Liscia Jug

In third place is the Aqua Optima Liscia Jug.

This offers extremely good value for money, because there’s 12 months worth of filters in the package (12 filters – 1 a month).

It’s more than the other jugs above, but you’re good to go for 12 months using this jug, without the need to buy any additional filters.

It doesn’t quite have the capacity of the other jugs above, as there’s only space for 1.2 litres of filtered water. The filters themselves will filter impurities including microplastics, chlorine, limescale, herbicides, pesticides, lead and heavy metals, using both carbon and ion exchange to give you a better tasting glass of water.

3rd PLACE!


1.2 litre filter jug!

An excellent water filter jug that comes with 12 months worth of filters, meaning there’s no need to buy additional filters for 12 months.

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The Aqua Optima jug also features a handy flip top lid for quick and easy refilling of water, and it’s designed to be stored in the fridge door, with a slim fit design.

While not as well known as the brands above, this water filter jug is an excellent choice, and with the added bonus of a 12 month filter supply and cheaper filters once they have run out.

You can check the price or purchase this at by clicking here: Aqua Optima Jug + Replacement Filters.

Great Idea For Kids!

We all know how important it is for children to drink water. And that importnace is highlighted by the Britsh Dental Journal whose studies states that 1 in 3 children in secondary school suffers from tooth decay, which is associated mostly with sugary drinks like juice and pop.

We also know how hard it is to get children to choose water (myself included as a parent).

best water jug filter for kids

So what’s the solution?

The solution is in three stages, and is yet another reason why a filtered water jug is a good idea.

Because let’s face it, if you are here looking for options on how to improve the quality of your tap water, it means you don’t like the taste, smell and appearance of your tap water.

And then we wonder why our children are reluctant to drink tap water.

Here’s my three step solution to enable you to get your children to drink more water, whilst making it fun as well:

  • STEP 1: Use a water filter jug to improve the taste and smell of your water.
  • STEP 2: Pour the water from the filter jug into a mini water dispenser.
  • STEP 3: Let your kids become self sufficient, add an element of fun, and let them pour their own water at their own convenience by using a water butt.

In our house, this has become a great way of increasing water consumption for our 5 year old.

We have this one below, but in green.


Kids water butt storage

Just Like An Adults Water Butt!

5.5 litre capacity, perfect to fill up for children, allowing them to serve themselves water all day long.

Check Amazon Price >

Water Filter Jug Alternatives

If you don’t want to buy a water filter jug for your kitchen, then there’s only three other options avaialble to you.

  1. Do nothing and continue to drink your tap water ‘as is’.
  2. Buy bottled water and only consume that.
  3. Buy an under sink tap water filter.

For some people, they prefer to continue buying bottled water, which is fine, but has a cost associated both in terms of monetary cost and the environmental cost of single use plastics.

Water Filter Jug FAQ

Here’s some quick FAQs surrounding water filter jugs.

Why Are There Two Lots Of Capacity For Litres?

There’s two lots of capacity listed for each jug above. The one you should take note of is the filtered capacity. Not the total capacity. If you fill the jug to the top, some water will sit above the filter, and will not be filtered.

Are Filter Jugs As Good As Under Sink Filters?

No. Under sink tap water filters usually have bigger, better filters that filter more contaminants, resulting in better quality water. The downside is undersink tap water filters are more expensive to buy and maintain, but do offer a more permanant solution.

Is The Water From Filter Jugs As Good As Bottled Water?

A water filter jug will improve the quality of your tap water, but won’t be up to the same standard as bottled water, usually.

Do I Need One Of These Jugs?

UK tap water is safe to drink. However, if you are not happy with the taste, smell or appearance of your tap water, then a water jug will help improve the all three of those complaints.

Should I Test My Tap Water?

You can if you wish. You can buy home testing kits and kits that measure how hard your water is. You can find out more here: Testing Drinking Water.


A water filter jug will improve the quality of your drinking water at minimal cost.

It will save money in the long run by negating the need to buy bottled water, it helps cut down on single use plastics, and will encourge you and your family to drink more water – which is always a good thing.

Using a water jug is a quick and easy solution to water that doesn’t taste great, doesn’t look great, and doesn’t smell great, and I recommend the use of such jugs if you don’t want to go down the tap water filter route.

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