Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Detector Review

In this article, I’ll be doing a hands on review of the Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Detector. Carbon monoxide, as we all know, is a silent killer in the UK. In 2020 alone (latest data available), 116 people lost their lives because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It’s a really poignant statistic, especially considering the fact that 100% of these deaths were needless and entirely avoidable with the assistance of a simple carbon monoxide (CO) detector that would audibly alarm when CO levels reached a specific threshold.

I’m a huge advocate for carbon monoxide detectors in homes, and for me, they have the same importance as a smoke detector. Unfortunately, this importance isn’t shared across the broader demograph of the United Kingdom, with Policy Connect estimating that only 46% of homes in the UK have a CO detector installed.

And the reason is simple, and it’s all down to mindset:

‘It’ll never happen to me’.

Of course, my best advice is to never let it have the opportunity to happen to you, and you can do that by having a working, reliable CO detector installed in your home, like the Wolf Shield detector I’m about to look at.

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Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Detector Review

For convenience, I’ve put the Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Detector in the graphic below, outlining the key features.

I’ll go through the features in more detail further on down the page, as well as looking at the pros and cons of this specific detector.


  • Small, lightweight and portable

  • Freestanding or wall mountable

  • Stylish design

  • Black or white options available

  • 10 Year sealed battery

Wolf Shield C0 Detector – First Impressions

I actually had two ‘first’ impressions when I received my Wolf Shield Detector from Amazon – the first being ‘Wow – this is SMALL!’

And it is tiny, measuring just 7cm x 7cm, and measuring just 2.5cm thick. Here’s a comparison to the one I currently have in my kitchen:

small carbon monoxide detector uk cheap

small carbon monoxide detector uk

The second impression, on opening the box (and without even seeing the detector), was that this was going to be a quality product.

And I thought this because of the quality of the packaging. It comes in a quality, sturdy box, which when you peel the security label off from the side, opens by gravity (hold the top of the box a few centimetres from the surface, and the other part of the box slowly drops down revealing the product). Think similar to an iPhone box.

Now, do not for one minute get me wrong here – a product CAN have quality packaging and then turn out to be a letdown, but 9 times out of 10, the packaging of a product speaks for the product inside, and this is certainly the case here, as you’ll see below.

Inside the Box

Here’s what you get inside the box:

  • 1x Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Detector with built in 10 year battery
  • 2x instruction books
  • 1x free standing fixing
  • 1x wall mounted fixing
  • 1x fittings pack for wall mounted (2x screws, 2x rawl plugs)

Wolfshield Carbon Monoxide Detector UK Review

The fact that it comes with two types of ‘attachment’ is a big plus in my opinion, as unlike most smoke detectors, a CO detector can be stood up on a surface, like a kitchen worktop for example.

In this case, it comes with a stand that slots into the back of the device, or a mounting plate that can be screwed to a wall, with the detector slotting into it.

Whether you wish to stand it up or screw it to the wall, both options are easy and everything is included in the box.

Style & Looks

As mentioned above, this C0 detector comes in two different colours, black or white

Wolfshield carbon monoxide detector black uk

Wolfshield carbon monoxide detector white uk

It’s really important for things like carbon monoxide detectors to fit in effortlessly within their surroundings, and not to be too elaborate, big or fussy, especially considering that a lot of people like to live in clutter free environments, with minimalistic features.

The design of the Wolf Shield means it can fit into spaces where space is an issue (although be sure never to place a CO detector in areas where it can be blocked), and it can fit in with almost any design space with its stylish and unobtrusive design.

Display, Buttons & Functions

The Wolf Shield has a display, along with two buttons, and three LED lights.


This displays CO levels in PPm (parts per million) and COHb (Carboxyhemoglobin).

This display will also show an ‘X’ in the display window if there is a fault.


There are two buttons on this detector, one is the ‘test’ button, allowing you to test if the unit is working. Gently pressing the test button emits an audible alarm to tell you it is working. the second button is the menu button, which transfers unit of measurement between PPm and COHb.


There are three LED lights in the middle of the detector, one each for alarm, power and fault.

The power indicator will flash periodically to tell you there is power to the unit, whislt the other two will flash if the unit is in alarm or there is a fault.

Use & Installation

As with most carbon monoxide detectors, this is easy to set up, and can be done in a few seconds if you are using the supplied stand.

Simply slot the stand into the back, which activates the battery to turn on, and place it in a suitable area and you are protected. Easy as that.

If you want it to be fixed to a wall, you’ll need a drill. However, if you want it on the wall, why bother with drills and screws, potentially damaging plaster and a skimmed surface?

Instead, use an adhesive hanging strip, which are fast and easy to use, without the need to drill holes in your walls. Yes, I was apprehensive at first too, but the Command strips that I have just linked to currently hold pictures up in my living room, with the best thing being when you want to move it, the adhesive just peels off your wall.

These strips will easily hold one of these on your wall wherever you want due to it being incredibly lightweight. Simply attach two small ones to the mounting plate instead of using the screws.

Where Can I Use The Wolfshield C0 Detector?

The beauty of the Wolf Shield is that it is perfect for home use, but it’s also perfect for when on the move, or in places where space is in short supply.

Because of the small, compact design, this detector is suitable for alternative living spaces, such as in camper vans, RV’s, motorhomes, and boats like narrow boats.

In terms of placement of this safety product, it should be placed near to or nearby any fixed combustion appliance, such as boilers, heaters, and open fires.

Another good idea is to have a CO alarm in your garage or shed, especially if you work on things like cars, motorbikes and oher equipment that burns a fuel.

Regulation & Standards

This product meets the requirements of the newer EN 50291-1:2018 standard. In a nutshell, it basically means it has passed tests that conform to certain standards which protects consumers and with base standards and better functionality from a product such as a carbon monoxide detector.

This new minimum standard includes things like end of life warning (which the Wolf Shield will do by beeping 3 times a minute when the battery is near to expiry), and it also conforms to all other standards as seen on the BSI website.

This standard replaced EN 50291-1:2010 in 2021, so you can be sure that this detector conforms to all new regulations.

Pros & Cons

Below is the pros and cons of the Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Detector:


  • Smallest CO detector in the world
  • 10 year battery life (sealed – no need to worry about replacing batteries)
  • Conforms to EN 50291-1:2018 (latest standard)
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to install
  • Digital display with warning lights
  • Easy to follow instruction bookley with excellent additional information
  • Minimum 85dB alarm (in other words – ear drum deafening!)


  • No adhesive strips as an option


The Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Detector is a quality product, with an excellent design, and excellent features.


  • Small, lightweight and portable

  • Freestanding or wall mountable

  • Stylish design

  • Black or white options available

  • 10 Year sealed battery

It has been designed this way to limit the obtrusive nature of some of these types of alarms, while offering you and your family maximum protection against the hidden dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, whether you are at home, at a camp site, or even use it in a motorhome or boat.

It complies with all British standards, including the new ones, is easy to set up and install, and comes highly recommended by myself at Safe Secure Homes.

This is a superbly designed safety product that will help protect you and your family wherever you go and whatever you are doing.

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